Songs of Selah: Beth Hermes

On the latest episode of Songs of Selah I had the pleasure of speaking with Georgia author, Beth Hermes. Her interview can be listened to here.

A graduate of Auburn University’s School of Journalism, Beth Hermes has been a professional writer for more than 30 years, with articles published in numerous magazines, newspapers and online publications. As a Freelance Writer, she has created award-winning marketing campaigns for individuals, corporations and non-profit organizations.

Since 2009, Beth has shared her gift of storytelling as a Writing Coach, teaching creative writing classes and business writing workshops. She encourages her creative writers to share their work through critique workshops and the publication of an Anthology, consisting entirely of short stories and poems written by her students. Her business writing workshops focus on developing clear messages to enhance personal and business success. Her instruction also includes journaling and strengthening the creative muscle.

Beth is the Author of a spiritual-fantasy fiction series called The Lightbearers. She is currently at work on the seventh book in the projected 11-book series, and is working on a memoir and a collection of prompts and ideas from her numerous writing workshops and classes.

In 2017, Beth and her husband, Craig, fulfilled a lifelong dream to own a farm. They live with their college-student son, Benjamin, her horse, a rescue dog, a cat, a rabbit, and a few dozen chickens. Their daughter, Abigail, is a professional artist and art instructor.

Beth Hermes - 1-page-001

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