Some Poems Are More Serious Than Others/ABP Anthology

alien buddha press - got high anthology

I’m thankful that three of my poems were included in the recent “This One Time The Alien Buddha Got So High…” anthology released through Alien Buddha Press. It’s a compilation of work that doesn’t necessarily travel straight along the stoner path that one might assume based on the title alone. In fact, selections from each writer touch on the subject matter from any number of angles. 

As the publisher/editor, Red Focks, addresses in this excerpt from the anthology’s introduction:

“Drugs can be pretty glorious without outside help. They can spark art, and laughter, and ingenious ideas that forever change life as we know it; but they can also spark emptiness, and misery, and a level of self-loathing that will send the strongest of people into the filthiest of gutters in no time. This anthology features writers who will share their unfiltered takes on that devious tango we call ‘getting high’.”

“Some Poems Are More Serious Than Others” is one of the more personal poems I’ve had published to this point. It was written in late 2014, six months after my father passed away, and I didn’t even consider submitting it for another four years after that. I’m glad it finally found an appropriate home in the ABP anthology.

I had an opportunity to read it for the first time at the Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore in Atlanta, Georgia last night. It is posted here on my YouTube channel. Thank you for listening, my friends.


Copies of the anthology are available here:

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