All the Colors in Your Eyes

Laughing 4

I believe the joke told from the audience at the time was about wine. Shoot, that’s surely one way to make me smile. These scenarios can always be taken a step further, however, with a bit of uproarious laughter.
I am a simple man. I prefer a dance to an argument. I favor bright light to the darkness (albeit always with the slightest tinge of shadow just to maintain balance). I left my nihilism behind in the last decade. Farewell.
I am a recovering fool. Just joking, I remain ever the same in that regard. These things cannot be helped. Life is a blessed journey, no doubt, although it comes with its fair share of challenges. I take it quite seriously, but also learned somewhere along the way that it becomes much more sweet if enjoyed in a state of happiness and peace. I’ve been doing my level best to methodically, meticulously, and mindfully move forward for years now. Why would I ever stop the process at this point? Here’s a hint: I wouldn’t. Neither would you. That’s why we happen to get along so well.
This is the link to a video I made recently at one of the local parks I like to frequent. Please forgive the rough edge to my voice in this recital as it was a fresh piece I’d just penned. Also, singing when a stranger might come around the bend at any given moment can feel a bit strange. But I’ve realized lately that entering a state of vulnerability plays an important role in my personal growth.
Cheers, my friends! Thank you for swinging by 17Numa.

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