July 2017 Recap … Let It Burn … Let It Rise

The sand of the seventh month slowly slips away. Don’t grasp too tightly, the cycle was always destined to shift unto August. Unclench your fists and your teeth. Come on, we’ve been playing this same game for ages. Don’t lose your head on me now. Stay cool. We’ll make it through to the other side, I promise. Besides, there’s still one more day left to feast upon. Ravish the hours. Suck them dry. Use some tongue.
On Stage 14
Before the last light flickers out and forever fades away from July, I wanted to take a moment and say a huge thank you to all the editors associated with these 23 venues for accepting and/or publishing my poetry, essays, and interviews during the past month. I continue pushing the pace as best I can. But I would be nowhere without your help. The same should certainly be said for those who read and support my work. It is truly appreciated…
Dissident Voice; Our Poetry Archive; The Writer’s Space; Coffee with Underhill; CTU Publishing; 48th Street Press; PPP Ezine; The Beautiful Space; Burning House Press; Advaitam Speaks Literary Journal; The Wayward Sword; Mahatma Guru Magazine; Praxis Magazine; ELSiEiSY; GloMag; JD DeHart’s Reading and Literature Resources; The Best of … The North Georgia Mountains; Ariel Chart; Dime Show Review; poeticdiversity; CultureCult Magazine; Narrow Road; and Tuck Magazine.
Black and White Street 14
After an 18 month stint serving as editor for Walking Is Still Honest Press, I have decided to step away from that position. It was an awesome experience, but this will free up more time to focus on my own work moving forward. Oh, who am I kidding? I’m still an editor at The Peregrine Muse, Novelmasters, The Blue Mountain Review, and here at 17Numa. With plans to launch another new journal, Happy Hour Hallelujah, in the days ahead. I stay busy. Always. A note from the W.I.S.H. editorial desk about the transition can be read here.
One of the highlights during July was a photo shoot that Mechelle Wilson Ballew and I did after the Visions of Verse poetry event in Jasper, Georgia. She showed me all around the city to set up different scenes, working her usual magic behind the camera. The photos in this post, and those I’ve been sharing on Facebook and Twitter of late, are from our session.
Storm 36
I also enjoyed attending the Wine, Cheese, and Spoken Word open mic hosted by Carol Douglas and held at the UUCA in Atlanta, Georgia. The atmosphere in the venue is great, and it was a pleasure reading a few pieces from my new book, Poison in Paradise. I’m very much looking forward to this coming January when I’ll be returning to do a book signing as the featured reader! More details on that in due time, but, for now, you can listen to my performance here.
There were positive developments on many fronts recently, but perhaps my favorite part of the month was running my mouth while acting a fool on YouTube. Please feel free to swing by, check out some of the videos, and, most importantly, subscribe to the channel here.
All good things in life must eventually come to an end. Thankfully, the naturally occurring rhythms of time and space always create the perfect opportunity for new beginnings. Let it burn. Let it rise.
Scott Thomas Outlar
Please pick up a copy of Poison in Paradise from Alien Buddha Press at this link today. Purchasing books is truly the best way you can show support for independent authors and publishers. Thank you!
Poison in Paradise full cover JPG

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