Larger View … June Recap

Larger View
When you try to say everything
all at once
it leaves you with nothing
in the end
The truth is bigger
than one moment
Slow down and simplify…
eternity came equipped with patience
(This piece originally appeared, here, in The Word Ocean as part of an interview I did with Dee Thompson last year. It is also included in my forthcoming poetry collection “Chaos Songs” from Weasel Press)

Well, this monthly recap might be a few days past the expiration date but it’s still fresh enough to drink. No worries. You’re safe. Pinky swear. Bottoms up.
Thank you to the editors at these twenty-nine venues for accepting and/or publishing my work during the month of June:
Dissident Voice; Dead Snakes; Haikuniverse; The Seventh Quarry; Leaves of Ink; The Piker Press; Duane’s PoeTree; International Times; Nibstears: Justice before Peace anthology; The Bees Are Dead; GloMag; Scarlet Leaf Review; Stay Weird and Keep Writing; Morpheus Magazine; VerseWrights; Visual Verse; Yellow Chair Review; CTU: Poetic Melodies anthology; Zombie Logic Review; ELSiEiSY; Setu Magazine; Degenerate Literature; Quail Bell Magazine; Burning House Press; Novelmasters; Shemom; Weasel Press: How Well You Walk Through Madness anthology; Lummox anthology; and Cavalcade of Stars.
One of the highlights during June was an interview I gave to Marcia Epstein for her radio program, Talk With ME, based out of Lawrence, Kansas. We spoke about my work, the state of the world, baseball, and the philosophy of true anarchy. I also had an opportunity to read a few poems from “Songs of a Dissident” and “Happy Hour Hallelujah” (which will be released soon through CTU Publishing – much more on this matter to come). Anyone interested in hearing me run my mouth for an hour can listen to the broadcast here.
I mentioned this in the last post at 17Numa but it’s well worth bringing up again. The Southern Collective Experience is now live and kicking on YouTube. It would be greatly appreciated if you’d swing by and subscribe to the channel to get in the loop for future videos that are posted. There are already a number of recordings up, including the Mad Swirl event that Cliff Brooks, Kaleb Garrett, and I featured at recently.
I went on a bit of a binge during June, sending out a number of excerpts from a book I wrote back in March-May of 2014 called “Zero-Point Graduation.” A few of the essays were published in different venues, and others have been accepted for future release. If you’d like to get a taste of my ranting, raving, rambling ways, well, here’s a healthy heaping:
Shifting Poles – Quail Bell Magazine
Five Aces – Burning House Press
Daydreaming Dystopia – Novelmasters
That’s all, folks. No big ending. No final splash. No dramatic close. No swan song. Just a beautiful fade into the radiant light. Psych. The fun has only just begun…
Scott Thomas Outlar

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