The Southern Collective Experience Is Alive on YouTube

Thanks to the selfless efforts of Holly Holt, The Southern Collective Experience has now launched a new channel on YouTube. We would be extremely grateful to anyone who takes a moment to swing by and subscribe. Doing so will allow you to get in the loop for all future videos that are posted. And to anyone willing to spread the word around, well, we’ll love you even more than we already do.
Check out some of these links to videos that have been posted so far:
Cliff Brooks, Kaleb Garrett, and I had the honor of performing as the featured guests via Skype at an event hosted by Mad Swirl earlier this month. It was an absolute blast, and we’re looking forward to many more collaborate efforts in the future.
Chani Zwibel says a few words about what being a part of The Southern Collective Experience means to her.
Cliff Brooks reads his poem “Coffee House Layouts” at – you guessed it – a coffee house in Jasper, Georgia.
A reading of “Such a Novel Concept” from my forthcoming poetry collection “Chaos Songs” recorded at the Visions of Verse event last month.
We have all kinds of exciting events lined up in the months ahead, so please do hop on board with us here on the ground floor of this new YouTube venture. Also, anyone interested in checking out the roster of fine folks involved with the SCE can do so here at our main website.
We’re just a few weeks away from the publication of The Blue Mountain Review summer issue. We can’t wait to share what is shaping up to be another jam packed edition full of poetry, prose, photography, essays, book reviews, and interviews featuring some incredible contemporary talent. Feel free to dig into the current spring issue here to get a feel for how we roll.
Thank you for all your support. It is truly appreciated, and we are doing our level best to reciprocate the warmth back to the artistic community at large.
Scott Thomas Outlar

3 thoughts on “The Southern Collective Experience Is Alive on YouTube

    1. Thank you, Laura! I know it can cause stress when things start piling up. My list seems to be growing faster than I can seem to knock items off of late. Hope things settle down and smooth out for you soon.

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