New Interview…Links…Upcoming Events

Oxygen and Ink
It felt nice
to hold the proof copy
of “Chaos Songs”
in my hands
Many years of effort reaching fruition
It was nice
to touch the oak tree
by the mailbox
and give thanks
Many years of rings branded in the trunk

The opposite of love is not hatred, but fear. I have often said that it is good to love one’s friends, family, and allies with a fiery passion, and to hate one’s enemies with an equal fervor.
Life is a game. Play to win. There is no cliché nor platitude beneath me. Only solid ground. I feel no shame.
Light up, shine, and burn as if such a course of action was your only option. News flash: it’s certainly the best.
I have amazing people in my life. The importance of that aspect cannot be overstated. I’m also healthy and happy. Who wants to dance? Plenty of singing is also allowed…

My weekly contribution at Dissident Voice, “One Hundred Pennies per Hour,” is out now on the Sunday Poetry Page. Next month will mark the two-year anniversary of when my work began appearing regularly. Time is relative. This smile on my face is not. It’s an empirical truth.
The latest anthology from Pankhearst, edited by Kate-Garrett Nield, is out now. Slim Volume: See Into the Dark includes my poem “Whipped” alongside an amazing list of fellow contributors. It is available on Amazon.
Cheers to Ada Fetters at The Commonline Journal for publishing my poem “Variations on a Theme” recently. It’s always a pleasure to appear at her site.
Thank you to Akinwemimo Idris and Awwal Karrem for interviewing me at Nibstears concerning my first place finish in their poetry contest, as well as other facets of my work.
I’m excited about a number of events that are scheduled during the next several months, including the release of my poetry collection “Chaos Songs” through Longsword Press at the end of May; a second book, “Happy Hour Hallelujah,” coming out with CTU Publishing in late June; several readings and radio appearances; and the publication of many poems, interviews, and reviews in venues that I highly respect.
Thank you to all those who swing by 17Numa to read about what’s happening in my life. Your interest in my words means the world to me. There are still so many things left to say…
Scott Thomas Outlar

4 thoughts on “New Interview…Links…Upcoming Events

  1. Scott, you are a river of verse, ever flowing, ever serving, and ever inspiring!

    At the very least…it is an honor to know you my friend.

    Love &Light!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, Prince, I appreciate the good vibes, my friend. Thanks for swinging by. Hope all is well with you and your writing of late. Cheers!


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