Gravitating toward Cool

Class at Midnight
The greatest lesson I ever learned
it’s ok to be happy
it’s ok to have fun
it’s also ok to be sad
but it’s much more fun to be happy
I’ve always liked a good party
as long as it’s with the right people
I’ve never been one for stuffed suits
but anyone barefoot has usually been cool

“Chaos Songs” is coming soon from Longsword Press. A proof copy is on its way through the mail to my home at this moment. These things are good. Taking this deep breath, I am thankful.
Several months ago I was asked by JD DeHart to participate in an interview series he was conducting at his site Profiles in Poetry. My answers to the questions he sent me went up at the time, but that blog was eventually closed down later in the year. Now, though, JD has decided to launch a new site, Poetry Paraphernalia, and I feel honored that he has kicked things off by reposting our interview (which can be read here).
I’ve had a handful of poems released at these three fine venues so far in May:
Thank you, as ever, to the awesome Angie Tibbs at Dissident Voice for publishing  “Waking up to the Smell of Smoke” on the Poetry Page this week.
Thank you also to Stephen Jarrell Williams for posting three poems (“Kill the Lights”; “Come and Conquered”; and “Levee Breach”) at his site Dead Snakes, as well as to the editors of Visual Verse for using my poem “Gilded Illumination” – a response to this month’s interesting prompt.
Well, reading over what I’ve written here so far, it would seem that the theme of this post is thankfulness….so I’ll stick with such a state of mind until the end by saying: thank you to everyone who reads my work (here at 17Numa and elsewhere)…and thank you to all the inspiring people in my life who continue to motivate me on a daily basis with a constant desire to seek the evolution of creative expression.
Everything is cool. Take off your shoes. It’s all ok.
Scott Thomas Outlar

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