Two Poems…etc.

Tao Division
There is more truth in every lie than we’d care to admit
Everything in this world is 87% unleaded bullshit
Everything is also Absolute Veritas
100 miles per hour
A leads to B,
and C is a Castle
in the Distance
beyond all Equations
that’s going to get Fucked
with Gasoline
before Hell Ignites…
and further Jazz
will bring us Kicks
all the way to Z.
A sudden urge…to purge. The first poem was written moments ago with Midnight intentions. The second was born last month in early February. Those are the facts. For all they’re worth. Sold to the highest bidder. Stolen back come the hour of dawn.

Three of my poems came out this week at Dead Snakes. It’s always a pleasure to appear at Stephen Jarrell Williams’ site. He posts a tremendous amount of good poetry there month after month. That takes time and energy. It’s much appreciated.
Issue 11 of Five 2 One Magazine came out recently. Many thanks to Nathan Alan Schwartz for putting together a great collection of words from Heath Brougher, Matt Duggan, Alan Britt, Dustin Pickering, and a host of other dope writers. My poem “A Little Spot to Call One’s Own” is also included.
Thank you as well to R.L. Black for publishing “Seven Horns” in the new March/April issue of Unbroken Journal. Very cool to have work appear in this edition alongside that of Sarah Frances Moran…she is a hell of a good poet.
February was a blast. But there’s no time to stop and reminisce. As we all know, it’s a constant forward March into the future…
Scott Thomas Outlar

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