Futurist Spring…The Blue Mountain Review…Kingdom of Chaos

Welcome to the blackout
lovely quiet in the dead space
Entropy has awakened
to bring us back in line with cold chill
Welcome to the gene swarm
single celled and pushing forward
Evolution has a life urge
flood the past with bombs and start anew
Welcome to the feast
King Ape up against the lion
Only one can rule the roost here
bet the farm that thumbs will win
Welcome to the crystal
diamond coded in the hardware
Plugging in to seal the merger
future born of flesh and wires
“Futurist Spring” originally appeared at Snapping Twig

It’s been a couple of weeks since I hammered out a post here at 17Numa so I thought I’d break out the nails early this morning and get back to work. All I need now is a cross and a bit of righteous indignation. No, wait, never mind, forget I said that. We’re all friends here. No need to stir up unnecessary trouble with that type of terrible gibberish.
There have been some exciting new publications recently to announce. The Southern Collective Experience put out issue 2 of The Blue Mountain Review last week. This edition is chock full of great poetry, prose, photographs, essays, and interviews from the likes of Cliff Brooks, Dan Veach, William Wright, Nancy Davenport, Genesis the Greykid, Michelle Roberts, Dee Thompson, Felino A. Soriano, and a host of other talented writers and artists. My two poems “Screaming with the Tide” and “Just Add Water” are also included.
I was awarded poem of the month for February at Nibstears with my piece “Kingdom of Chaos”. Thank you to the editors Akinwemimo Idris and Awwal Karrem for the honor, as well as to the other two top finalists, Awoniyi Olajide and Tola Ijalusi.
My poem “Steady in the Storm” has been the featured poem for the month of February at The Peregrine Muse. It will remain up on the homepage until March rolls around, but at that point it can still be read on my personal page at the site along with seven other poems. I’ve also begun helping out as an editor this year at The Peregrine Muse, and I posted a page earlier this week featuring the work of Phillip Matthew Roberts that I’d highly recommend checking out.
Janine Pickett at Indiana Voice Journal contacted me earlier this month and asked if I would like to contribute to a special issue she was putting together dedicated to the artwork of an emerging artist from Cape Town, South Africa, Shameeg van Schalkwyk. I’m always honored to have words appear at IVJ, and so I walked up to my favorite spot in the woods to write two ekphrastic poems in response to Shameeg’s work. The issue also includes poetry from Janine herself, my good friend Don Beukes, and several other writers.
Roxana Nastase at Scarlet Leaf Review included four of my poems at her site this month. Anyone who has the time to visit the page and give it a like and/or leave a comment would be doing me a favor because there is some sort of contest going on which involves such analytics. Winning is always fun. I’m just saying…
My friend Patrick Jordan who hosts the Facebook group Notes from the Edge published a nice handbound chapbook recently featuring the work of selected members. My contributor’s copy showed up in the mail not too long ago. I’m very appreciative of all the time, energy, and resources Patrick put into the project.
Links to other February publications can be found on the Poems Page located at the top of the site.
In other news, I’m continuing to work on the final edit of my full-length collection “Happy Hour Hallelujah” which will be out later this year through CTU Publishing. And, finally, this post wouldn’t be complete without the obligatory mention of my chapbook “Songs of a Dissident” which was released this past December through Transcendent Zero Press. If there is anyone who would like to order a copy, well, hot damn!, you’re in luck because it is now available at Amazon via this link. Any and all support of my work is greatly appreciated. If you’ve already ordered a copy, thank you. I promise from the bottom of my heart that I’m working to make this happen. As I often like to say, things are just getting started…
Scott Thomas Outlar
Poetry is about connecting
the macro
with the micro
That’s all it is
The End

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