Tapping the Main Nerve

People have been writing prophecies
about the end of the world
since time immemorial
because, let’s face it,
fear sells…
whether scribbled on the wall of a cave,
endorsed officially by King James,
or ranted on street corners by madmen,
ideas about Armageddon
mirror the inevitability of individual death
that each mortal soul must face.
Oh shit,
I just saw
the sky crack open
and chaos
start to drain
down to earth
in apocalyptic waves…
break out your pocketbooks
and make checks
payable to:
Scott Thomas Outlar…
all major credit cards
are also accepted –

I was honored recently by Dee Thompson when she asked if I would give an interview at her site The Word Ocean. My answers concerning life and writing, along with four new poems, can be read here: The Word Ocean Interview
My new chapbook “Songs of a Dissident” is now available on Amazon via this link. You can read the last post here at 17Numa if you’d like to experience all the bells and whistles of the full sales pitch. For now I’d just like to say that I’d love for anyone who digs my work and can afford to do so to pick up a copy. Much love to everyone who has already ordered the book, and to everyone who has shared the link on Facebook and Twitter. Getting the word out means a hell of a lot. You just never know when and where the “right” set of eyes might fall upon one’s work…so the more you help me spread the word, the better chance there is of this book being successful.
I’ve had some new poems come out in the past week at Dissident Voice; SpinRock Reader Lit Forum; Winamop; and Visual Verse. Links can be found if you click on the Poems tab up at the top of the site…but to be perfectly honest I’d much rather you click on the Amazon link to “Songs of a Dissident” here in this post. Ha! Hey, I’m not here to bullshit you…I try to keep it real.
Thanks for swinging by everyone. Hope y’all are having a nice holiday season thus far.
Scott Thomas Outlar

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