Songs of a Dissident

Trump Hand
How many bombs
from all of the war
poisonous and poised to hiss
with a snake’s tongue
venom on the fang drips
needlepoint precision
Shock and Awe proclamation
A river of fire
in a ring around the city
Mercury enters the blood
a kill shot to the mind
Alzheimer’s and a loss of fight
The hawks and vultures cry
“Mission Accomplished”
as they send the Eagle in
to pick up the bloody pieces
How many lives
from all of the lies
carelessly and callously
with spiteful intentions
malicious persuasion
A thousand points
of propaganda
from the lips of cowards
hiding behind a doomed and decadent Empire
dilapidated and disintegrating
toppling like a house of cards
when a hand of five aces
is laid down on the table
by the collective force
of a Renaissance Revolution
How many souls
will rise
on the day that the truth
takes flight
lofty and laced with visions
of a lit up nebula being born
in the blink of a moment
at the brink of a New Age
sipping freely from the full well
raining Love from the constellation
with a song from the spheres
about the cycles of time
The wheels, they spin
The gears, they turn
The dust drifts away
as the Phoenix flows out from the ash
– “Trump Hand” originally appeared in Dissident Voice, and later in Poems-For-All #1294 and Degenerates: Voices for Peace; it is the opening salvo in my new chapbook “Songs of a Dissident” –

It has been an exciting ride in the past year or so since I started sending out my poetry, with many high peak moments along the way (600 poems published in 150 print and/or online venues; “A Black Wave Cometh” published digitally through Dink Press; a Best of the Net nomination from Kind of A Hurricane Press; connecting with hundreds of fellow writers and artists while becoming immersed in the indie poetry scene), but this most recent announcement definitely takes the cake…
My latest chapbook “Songs of a Dissident” has now officially been released through Transcendent Zero Press. I’d like to say thank you to Dustin Pickering for all the help and input he’s had on the project since we first started communicating and planning things out back in February. Thank you to Christos Karapanos for providing the absolutely stunning cover. Thank you, also, to my friend Heath Brougher for helping get this project in motion. Thank you to my family for being patient and kind. Thank you to everyone I’ve met this past year who has made the journey an unforgettable experience. I couldn’t imagine things having gone any better. The best part of it all is that the work (and the fun) has only just begun…
The new book can be ordered directly through me, or by following these links to Amazon and CreateSpace. I hope you’ll help support my future efforts by picking up a copy (or two…it is the holiday season, after all).
Scott Thomas Outlar
If you’d like to connect, please contact me on FaceBook and/or Twitter.

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