Excerpt from One Hundred Poetic Points

Thank you to Slink Chunk Press for publishing these excerpts from my project One Hundred Poetic Points which was written back in 2003. I was nominated earlier this year for Best of the Net by The Mind[less] Muse for other excerpts from this project.

Slink Chunk Press

by Scott Thomas Outlar

Point number ninety

The organization of shifting variables proves to be a difficult endeavor. If one (ship) harbors doubts on this thesis, then by all means: experiment (wrecked).

Point number ninety-one

The counting began [one thousand]; the shuttle was prepared to begin the journey for which it was [nine hundred] created. All systems at proper functioning capacity [eight]; the ignition ignited, the propulsion propelled, the reason was [zero] born.

Point number ninety-four

Love over sex.
Creation over pleasure.

Point number ninety-five

I am closing in (closing) on this (down). Repairs toward recovery (covering), then recreation (up). A critique (changing) on life, an over-all (still) analysis.

Point number ninety-six

Metal on…
scrape, crash, crunch, come together harshly.

Life pushing…
changing, maturing, growing, evolving, multiplying.

Giving her…
in my thoughts, deserved, warranted, necessary.

Point number ninety-eight

Surprise. Surprising. I am the surprised. Delay thought. I…

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