Two Poems…November Recap

In the Morning and through the Night
At the end of the day
when head hits pillow,
and in the morning
when eyes see mirror,
it is you
who decides
how big the dream will be
and how clearly to view the vision.
You Get What You Pay for
Money can’t buy you happiness…
but if you are already happy
money can be a toy
with which to have lots of fun
Money is not the root of all evil…
fear is
You can’t pay to enter paradise…
but once inside
it doesn’t hurt to have
a few dollar bills

The month of November has come to a close…and now, with the emergence of December, 2015 has but one last breath until another yearly cycle bites the dust and disperses into embers and ash…but no need to worry because the Phoenix is always waiting in the wings.
Come the Winter Solstice. Come Songs of a Dissident…
Words of wisdom (from the mouth of a fool): Take nothing for granted. Cherish every moment you have with family and friends. Love that which is good with a violent passion, and hate that which is evil with an equal fervor. Also, don’t be an asshole….and show a little style.
November was fairly righteous on the writing front, and I’d like to say a huge thank you to all the editors and publishers associated with these 39 venues for accepting and/or publishing my work last month:
Words Surfacing; Dissident Voice; Dead Snakes; Verse-Virtual; Fauna Quarterly; Visual Verse; Medusa’s Kitchen; Tuck Magazine; Eunoia Review; Indiana Voice Journal; Lunar Lit Poetry Page; Three Line Thursday; Writing Raw; Random Poem Tree; Come and Take It; The Poet Community; Futures Trading; Clockwise Cat; SpinRock Reader Lit Forum; Piker Press; The Thumb Print Magazine; Slim Volume: This Body I Live in; Void Magazine; Least Bittern Books; Duane’s PoeTree; Slink Chunk Press; Poetic Diversity; First Literary Review-East; Whispers; The Word Ocean; Eskimo Pie; Horror, Sleaze & Trash; Unbroken Journal; Vagabonds: Anthology of the Mad Ones; Winamop; Inwood Indiana; Straight Forward Poetry; Five2One Magazine; and MUSED – the OnlineBella Literary Review.
Thank you to all those who follow and read my work here at 17Numa, as well as on FB and Twitter. It’s greatly appreciated, I assure you. Cheers as we head into the stretch run of 2015. Hell, let’s make it count by finishing strong…
Scott Thomas Outlar

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