Worshiped at the Sacrificial Altar

Burnt Sacrifice
Thank God for the cold
Thank God for the ice pick
My heart has been a blister lately
it could use a dose of antifreeze
add a touch
of gasoline
Cast your spell on me
you Goddess Witch
I could use
a little taste
of burnt Hallelujah
Flood Patterns
Before I lose
what little there is left
of this heart
please let me use
the last ounce of love
to wash away
all this hatred

My poem “Give a Little, Take a Lot” was published recently at Piker Press. It was the fourth piece to have appeared in the past couple of months, with a fifth scheduled to go up in a few weeks. Cheers and thank you to Sand Pilarski for allowing me to contribute.
I was tempted to send something dark and foul and raw and brutal in the spirit of Halloween to Dissident Voice late last week for the Sunday Poetry Page, but the poem I was considering, written a couple of months ago, just didn’t quite fit the energy of the idea. Also, I’m not big on sending older work to DV…I prefer the material to be freshly written during the week. More often than not this winds up being what happens, though, as with most things in life, there are occasional exceptions…at times something from the past will scream out with a sense of urgent immediacy, demanding to have a new present moment on the scene.
I wound up writing “Ash to Ash” Saturday afternoon while sitting on the front porch in a solemn mood. I sent it off to Dissident Voice for the Sunday Page, and then I submitted the other poem I’d been seesawing back and forth on the night before to a different venue for consideration. Everything in its proper place, proper time, proper element, proper balance. Sounds good. I’ll run with it.
Scott Thomas Outlar
If you’d like to connect, please feel free to hit me up here at 17Numa, or to contact me on Facebook and/or Twitter.

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