A Matter of Perception…Whispers from the Woods…3,2,1, Let It Burn

A moon that is always whole
can appear to be
half lit or half empty
depending upon
how many eyes
you choose
to see with
talk to me from the woods
in a language
foreign at first
decoded abstracts/over time
in their hoots ‘n hollers
make crystal clear
the power of The Word
which is One…always
Perfect peace and love
are never lost
in translation
at the Source

Cheers to Stephen Jarrell Williams at Dead Snakes for using my poem “3,2,1…” at his site this week. A poem written in late January that originally appeared a few months back in Burningword Literary Journal. It’s one of my personal favorites written during the past year…and it is a helluva lotta fun to read aloud. With such in mind, there is a SoundCloud recording linked below the poem at Dead Snakes.
It’s also a piece that is included in my chapbook “Songs of A Dissident” which is scheduled to be released in January of 2016 through Transcendent Zero Press. I’m working right now to hopefully secure an incredible piece of art for the cover…I came across it a couple of days ago…it is stunningly sharp and would, I feel, capture the precise first look the book requires.
Thank you for stopping by. Health and a happy weekend to all.
Scott Thomas Outlar

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