I saw a poem
born in silence
I felt The Word
through my soul
I witnessed The Process
as it played out
one by one as
I was numb
I was dumb
There was nothing
else to say…

Star light shining through the blanket of a blue-black sky. It’s mighty purdy.
Crickets. Owls. Airplanes. Midnight rumblings…
I would paint a picture
but there is no color
that could do the vision justice
I would sing a song
but there is not a single note
that could hit perfection’s pitch
Life is so BIG…so the only thing to do is break it up in pieces…but such things scatter…and we’re left with a divided mess.

I’d like to thank Christopher Gretkus at Novelmasters for publishing three of my poems yesterday. These pieces were written back in April of this year:
Thank you also to JD DeHart for posting “Anarchic Breakfast” at his blog Rusted Rose Poetry Forum. I’ve come across and read dozens of DeHart’s poems at various venues this past year, most recently at Jade Blackmore’s Venus in Scorpio where I fortuitously happened upon the link to Rusted Rose.
I appreciate those of you who stop by here at 17Numa to read my work. I’m enjoying things here at the blog, and I’m always moving forward with the intention of continually making it better. I’m open to suggestions. The last handful of posts have had bolder text based on a comment from a friend on Facebook. Seemingly simple things make a difference aesthetically, and so I’m grateful for the helpful inspiration that leads me to seek improvements.
I’m always happy to meet new people. If you’d like to connect, please do so by contacting me on Twitter and/or Facebook.
Scott Thomas Outlar

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