12:17 AM

I have empathy for suffering
I have a hatred for weakness
Life is a balance act
upon a tightrope
5,000 feet in the air
a bit precarious
and difficult to manage at times
but offering one hell of a good view
in those moments
when all is steady

I might just be the easiest person on the face of the earth to get along with…as long as someone is pure and true to me then we can make waves at high peaks.
It is my intention to be approachable, accessible, good-natured, easy-going, kind, gentle, humble, fair-minded and honest in all my endeavors. It is my intention to treat people who deserve it with respect.
Of course, I also came to dance a song of fiery revolution…
Scott Thomas Outlar
“Creature Comforts” is included at this month’s Visual Verse prompt response page.
“Daring the Impossible” came out yesterday at the Dissident Voice Sunday Poetry Page. Thank you to Angie Tibbs.
“Rope-A-Dope” and “A Shift, A Sneeze, A Spin around the Cycle” were added yesterday to the poetry page at The Creativity Webzine. Thank you to Charles E.J. Moulton.

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