Igniting Old Rivalries….A Return to the Boutique…Resting Easy before the Fallout

Just under five hours until Spurrier and the South Carolina Gamecocks come strutting into Athens Georgia, thinking somehow that they will make a stand and turn this early season around after losing their last contest and having licked their wounds all week while preparing for this upcoming battle….but the Bulldogs will likely make the point moot when they finish the job by mercifully cutting the chickens’ heads off. But not too merciful…let it first be savage, brutal, vicious, and ugly. Let there be a point spread that humiliates the Old Ball Coach and casts off his misbegotten crew of heathens back to that foul stench of hell from which they emerged. Let memories of mid-90’s games played against Florida where the scoreboard was run up late in games to embarrass the lesser-manned Dawgs be used as cannon fodder to take bloody vengeance upon the gridiron come kickoff.
And enough of all that, eh? It will go as it will go, as all things do. That which is beyond my control is not to be allowed overdue influence in my life. But here’s a dirty little secret…I do love to live vicariously for awhile as the game rages. There is something spectacular about high level NCAA college football that can drive one into a nice little fit of madness for a moment. There are neuron pathways flashed from here to yonder that light up with sentimental fury when watching UGA seek championship glory. When it happens (and it will), I will celebrate…hard and long and far and wide…I will sing hallelujah to both my Fathers who art in Heaven…but to one of them I’ll mean it more.

I am super stoked to say that my words are making a second appearance at the badass venue Midnight Lane Boutique, run by the very cool cat Johnny Longfellow. Ever since I came across his site earlier this year, I’ve been a huge fan. Johnny was kind enough to publish a selection of my poems back in February, and now I have three more short pieces that will be featured on the homepage for the next two weeks. You can read my current poems by following the link below, and while at the Boutique be sure to check out some of the other fine poets who have been featured, such as Scott Wozniak, A.J. Huffman, Angel Zapata, Alan Catlin, Catfish McDaris, Anggo Genorga, and J.J. Campbell
Thank you also to Mariah E. Wilson for featuring my poem “Rest Easy” at her site Sleeve Lit Mag today. Mariah has her own personal site as well which is now linked on the Blogs Page here at 17Numa, so please stop by and see what she’s up to over there.
I’ve got a huge announcement that I’ll be writing about tomorrow, but time is running short at the moment, and I must go for a walk before settling in to watch the Georgia game.
I love connecting with new people, so feel free to reach out to me on Facebook and Twitter. I hope that we can become acquainted real soon…
Scott Thomas Outlar

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