Poetic Points…Best of the Net Nomination…Planting Seeds

Point number seventy:
Intuition burst (connection exploded) and awareness coated the mind. Electricity sparked (spirit rolled) and the soul spun into the collective (cycle).
Point number seventy-two:
Mythological ramifications behind every religious proclamation.
Point number eighty:
Peace reigned as Love took control. power was not at issue. the people found Truth in the pain and pleasure of each other through Empathy.
Point number eighty-two:
His name was poem. Her name was fictitious.
Point number eighty-four:
The (yellow) fear now overcome, the water of life (blue) put out the fires of (red) religion, sparking a bud of (green) electricity.
Point number eighty-six:
All (except) is fair (experiences) in (of) love (non) and war (existence).

A wonderful and unexpected email from Kind of A Hurricane Press arrived yesterday evening, informing me that “Poetic Points” (12-21) which appeared at The Mind[less] Muse back on March 18 has been nominated for the 2015 Best of the Net Anthology. A huge thank you to A.J. Huffman and April Salzano for showing such support toward my work with this selection.
I’d like to also say thank you to Marianne Szlyk who featured six of my poems at her site “The Song is…” a couple of days ago. I was humbled when she reached out to me last month and asked if I had thought of sending a batch of poems her way, and I was further humbled shortly after when she accepted the pieces which I chose to submit. To be in the company of some of her recent contributors such as Felino A. Soriano, Clifford Brooks, Pijush Kanti Deb, and Catfish McDaris, is, as I say, an honor. Anyone who would like to read the poems, please do so by following the link below:
A few other poems that have come out this week:
“Stoic through the Storm” – Dissident Voice
“Six into Seven” – experiential-experimental-literature
And here is the link to the nominated piece from Kind of A Hurricane Press, which, by the way, was written years ago in the Spring of 2003 as part of a project called “One Hundred Poetic Points.” Other excerpts have appeared in New Mystics, Indefinite Space, and ex-ex-lit. The poems featured here on today’s 17Numa post are also from that time so long ago. I live with the mindset that every intention I act upon is likened to a seed being planted for a future season. When I receive a Best of the Net nomination for something I wrote twelve years ago it makes me crack a smile because I remember planting that seed, cultivating that seed, watering that seed, and now getting to see that seed sprout…and that’s pretty dadgum cool, fo’ real. Then I get back to work.
“Poetic Points (12-21)” – The Mind[less] Muse
I continue meeting new and interesting people every day, and it’s more and more of a blast with each step taken along the path…so please feel free to reach out and connect with me on Facebook and Twitter so I can have a fresh dose of brain fuel to make this day buzz.
Scott Thomas Outlar

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