Interview With Scott Thomas Outlar

What an absolute honor to have recently been interviewed by one of my favorite indie poetry journals, Yellow Chair Review. When Sarah Frances Moran debuted YCR earlier this year my intuition told me that it had nothing but good things in its future. I’ve been fortunate enough to appear in three of the first four issues, and am now humbled to have been asked to do this interview. A huge thank you to Sarah, as well as to Alexzan Marie who provided the questions.

Scott Thomas Outlar has appeared in the first three issues of Yellow Chair Review and he agreed to talk with me about some of his work, current and upcoming as well as the things that inspire and motivate him to continue writing and publishing. – Alexzan


AB: When did you start writing? What prompted you to do so?

STO: I recall having written a few short stories based around Nintendo characters, as well as some rather silly song lyrics, back when I was in elementary school, so I suppose the initial seed was always there from an early age. It wasn’t until years later, after graduating from high school, that I began writing again. At that time it was mostly journal entries and bad, abstract lyrics…basically a way to flush out many years worth of angst and depression onto paper. I continued in this vein for a few years…

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