Fractured Fleeting Moments in Time…Brought to the Razor’s Edge of Fine Point Precision

The closer a flying object
zips by in the sky
the quicker it’ll seem to travel
I saw a flaming comet
speed by from the outer reaches
right in front of my eyes
Imagine my surprise, nay, shock
at such a sight
as the stars fell

This poem – “Fleeting” – originally appeared earlier in the year at Dead Snakes and later at Medusa’s Kitchen. I include it here for two reasons. One, I kind of dig it, as it is a reflection on a beautiful moment in time that took place during the Midnight hour a few months ago as I watched a fiery meteor shoot across the sky from what appeared to be a very close proximity. Secondly, it is a very short piece, which means I can more quickly dive into today’s exciting news, which is…

The interview I recently gave to Yellow Chair Review is now up at their site. What a huge honor to be included in this new series they have recently started up (the first interview was with Donna J. Snyder). From its inception earlier this year I’ve been singing the praises of YCR…my intuition told me that there was something special about this new journal. As each of the first four issues has been released, my gut has continued to be proven correct. The founder and editor Sarah Frances Moran is a great poet whose work I very much admire…that’s probably why I knew that she’d have a knack for compiling strong collections of poetry.
Alexzan Marie Burton provided the questions for the interview, and topics such as how and why I began writing, which artists inspire me, how I deal with success and rejection, and my thoughts on writer’s block are just a few things that came up. I have a tendency to be longwinded at times, so my answers can have a mind of their own, careening this way and that across obscured abstractions of tangential obfuscations…until I inevitably bring the focus back to a fine point of laser sharp precision.
I was contacted earlier this week by someone else that is interested in doing an interview. I’ll not say too much on the proposal at this time, as I’d like for details to become more concrete before I start running off at the mouth about the matter. Suffice it to say, I’m very pleased and thankful for the subtle shifts of positive energy that have been taking place of late. Planting one seed at a time. Taking one step at a time. Laying one brick in the foundation at a time. Steady as she goes…
I received a few more acceptance letters in the past couple of days and also had some more poems published, but I’ll write about such things at another time. Today I’d like to focus all attention on Yellow Chair Review and direct as many people as possible to the interview. I certainly hope if you’re reading this that you’ll go check it out.
I always like to encourage everyone to follow me here at 17Numa, and if you are so moved, please feel free to leave comments and like these posts. Anyone who would like to connect with me can do so on Facebook and Twitter. I always love it when new people get in touch with me. It makes this journey through life all the more sweet when it is being shared with others.
Scott Thomas Outlar

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