One Way Path

Jesus transformed water into wine
in honor of his blood brother Dionysus,
which is quite nice for anyone
who wants to drink deeply of the madness
inherent in this world
whilst they buzz on high in the revelry of chaos.
But such kicks only last for so long,
and at some point the underlying issues
of suffering and sorrow
which are part of the basic human condition
must be addressed with higher vibration solutions
than can be found in the bottle or chalice.
Buddha had a plan for such problems
centered around the eightfold path
which basically amounted to maintaining mindfulness
in all actions, speech, and intentions.
While this path can be nice to walk down for awhile,
unfortunately, at its core, it borders too near
the edge of nihilism, negation of the world, and extremist aestheticism;
and, at the end of the day, is simply a playground
for children to frolic upon before they are ready
to embrace both dualities of this life experience in full.
The River Tao, me thinks, is the way to go in this regard.
The waves rise and fall.
Life events flow and flux.
New problems present themselves, followed by answers through adaptation.
From out each chaotic turbulence, a new state of order emerges.
The Tao embraces it all.
The Tao is a feast and a fast.
The Tao is the future and the past.
The Tao is the constantly unfolding present moment.

I’ve spent the past few days compiling links from many writers and artists to fashion the growing list on the new Blogs Page here at 17Numa. Thank you to everyone who has sent me links thus far…the open call is ongoing…if your website or blog is not up yet, feel free to drop me a line and send your links my way. I’m having a blast going through the work of so many talented people. It really helps me to remain centered in a creative space of energy if I’m constantly immersed in excellent words and art.
It is my hope that the page will be used as a resource for artists of all fields to check out the work of their contemporaries. To be inspired. To be set on fire with the passionate fervor of Renaissance-induced intoxication.
Let us bow our heads…no, wait…better yet…let us dance…
If you’d like to get in touch, you can contact me here at 17Numa; you can also connect with me on Facebook and Twitter. Keep me inspired, my friends, and I will do my best to return the favor.
Scott Thomas Outlar

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