Full Steam Ahead…Open Call for Blog Links

Night falls heavy
beneath a velvet lavender sky
Cotton candy clouds
puff open to weep like willows
Liquid honey gold
draining from the crystalline source
Precipitation in melted waves
caresses skin as a soothing balm
Gone the malady of worry
Gone the sorrow and remorse
Something joyous this way comes
pulsing primal plasma kisses
Cradled comfort maple singsong
soothing from the lips of sirens
The lost art of love
helping to heal a cracked apathy
Anticipation of future acceleration
lit up in translucent neon signs
Flashpoint of the high peak
riding the tide of absolution
A pound of forgiveness on the scale
weighed against karma’s inclination to release
The soul is saved in heavenesque grace
with sweet whispers of divine fate
Shoving along a manifest destiny
to reach the edge of no turning back

Open Call for Blog Links:
It has been just over a year now since I broke onto the indie lit scene. It has been a great time for me so far…I’ve met a lot of cool new friends, and the support I’ve received from so many editors, publishers, readers, and fellow writers has been a true blessing.
As some of you may already know I recently created a Links Page here at 17Numa which is now closing in on having 150 different magazines, journals, lit blogs, and zines listed. This began as my small way of saying thank you to the publishers that have included my work so far, and is now in the process of being expanded to include other venues that I enjoy and believe in. There were over 1,000 views on the Links Page in August, which has me truly stoked. I’m happy that other readers and writers are using the page as a resource, and that I’m able to drive some traffic to the sites.
I’m staying quite busy with the process of writing, typing, editing, sending out submissions, reading the work of my contemporaries, corresponding with editors, networking on Facebook and Twitter, and keeping this blog updated with new content on a regular basis. But instead of slowing down, I’d like to take things up another notch with a new project.
After all that let me now get to the main point of this post…
I just set up the new Blogs Page at 17Numa yesterday, and as my way of saying thank you to all the fellow writers and artists that continue to keep me on fire with inspiration, I’d like to make an open call for you to send me the links to your personal websites and blogs. This is open to anyone who feels that they have something to offer. The more the merrier. I dig natural health sites. I dig spirituality. I dig philosophy. I’m down with it all, ya dig?
Anyone who would like their site listed, please contact me at 17Numa@gmail.com. In the subject line of your email write: BLOGS. This will hopefully help me keep things nicely organized.
In your email include the full name you would like me to use, the name of your site/blog, and a link to your homepage.
After I get this new page up and running I have plans to start doing a spotlight on various writers/artists who might have a new book or project being released. There are a few other ideas I have as well that I’ll roll out after things begin to get established.
Again, I just want to say that this has been a wonderful first year on the scene for me, and I want to give back to the community in any way possible. Thank you to everyone…now start sending me those links, and please help spread the word!
Scott Thomas Outlar
I’ve had an opportunity to begin the process of adding links to the Blogs Page today…check out the progress made thus far by clicking on the tab at the top of this post…

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