The Final Circle

liquid plasma notes
plucked from the void
and wept unto creation
by steel strings
strumming along
humming the song
of heady, heavy hallucinations
exhalations of intoxication
happy hour hallelujah
morphing dead dreams
that lurk in silence
to scream their last rites
a ritual sacrifice
under the belching sun
it’s so much fun to melt
and taste the morphine drip
of honeysuckle venom
as it drains from the falling sky
cotton candy punctured clouds
spill out a paradise of carbonated acid pollution
ticking time bomb toward extinction
violent threats of burst ignition
scattered species duck and cover
leaking tsunami radiation poison
pouring through the ocean’s lungs
barrel of the gun wide open
no flower to stop the carnal trigger
floating lilies ride red bullets
toward a peaking wave of pressure
crescendo at the edge of reason
tempo rising through the fractured crystal
thirty-three visions of the final circle
spheres within spheres of flames
torn from the frayed fabric of time
twisting across the bleeding heavens
foundation quaking, shattered plates
flailing limbs structure the rhythm
of a cemetery dance unto the darkness
withered roses in the naked night
bloom with a final forced smile
a last gasp elegant exit
curtains collapse on the skeletal system
marrow flooding back to the firmament
molded clay, dust and ash, truth or dare
boil, boil, toil and trouble
with an ice that burns to the coldest core
razor sharp lessons lingering unlearned
remembering the raven, nevermore

A recorded version via audioBoom can be found at this link

#SpokenWord poem prompt response for:

#MadVerse 420

Thank you to Marianne Szlyk for accepting my poems “A Forest of One” and “Nothing Else” to appear at her site The Song is… in mid-September.

Thank you to Ian Chung at Eunoia Review for accepting my poem “God, Love, Truth, and Light” to appear in early November. “Taking Measure” was also published a few days ago at the site.

Issue 4 Part 1 of The Fat Damsel is now out. The first three issues have all been very strong, and what I’ve read so far in this edition has followed suit in that regard. Guest edited by Zelda Chappel, with words from Jane Burn and Allison Grayhurst, among others. My poem “Steady in the Storm” is included in Part 2 which will be coming out soon.

Time now for the old song and dance routine –

Anyone who would like to connect or get in touch with me can do so here at 17numa, as well as on Facebook and Twitter. I promise it’ll be fun. I don’t bite…much.


Scott Thomas Outlar

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