Flirting with the Edge of Oblivion

One touch
One taste
One kiss
One caress
One song
One dance
One laugh
One cry
One lust
One love
One hope
One faith
One truth
One peace
One flesh
One soul

One sip from your holy chalice
pours sweetly
into my hungry lips

One thrust of my fevered passion
comes hot
with the bliss of chaos

One moment
at the edge of entropy
takes us closer to the pulse of heaven

One knock
upon the pearly gates
illuminates the angelic halo

One God
One source
One womb
One grave
One night
One bed
One sex
One lay
One sun
One rise
One salve
One heal
One throne
One crown
One gasp
One thrill

Publication Updates:

My poem “Poisoned Dairy” came out yesterday at Mad Swirl. Thank you to editors Johnny R. Olson and Michael Clay for having me back at their venue. This is the fourth time I’ve had a piece published there. My archive can be seen here.

Thank you to Dai Shotter at Your One Phone Call for publishing my poem “In a Nutshell” today. This online zine’s motto is: Poetry with a knife edge! I often find myself checking out their daily feature, as the work is usually topnotch. I have another poem scheduled to come out here at the beginning of September.

Thank you to Matt Duggan and Simon Leake at The Angry Manifesto for accepting a poem of mine to appear in the upcoming print edition of issue 3.0.

Thank you to Tiffany Slotwinski of Viral Cat for accepting my poem “Here and There” to appear in the upcoming September issue.

Anyone who is still wrapped up in the two-party political paradigm of Team Red vs. Team Blue should read “The Great Purge” – My weekly poem that came out a couple of days ago at Dissident Voice. There is also a recorded reading of the piece that can be found at the link above.

Thank you to everyone who has been reading my words here at 17Numa of late. I’d encourage you to connect with me on Twitter and Facebook. Also, any follows, likes, comments, and shares here on the blog are greatly appreciated.


Scott Thomas Outlar

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