Dead Eyes

You would think
that after passing the same person
while walking at the park
every single day for weeks on end,
nodding a polite hello to them each time
as a silent gesture of goodwill,
that sooner or later,
instead of staring right through you
with black orbs of death,
they might eventually nod back,
acknowledging the basic humanity
that the two of you share,
and proving once and for all,
beyond a shadow of a doubt,
that they are not some cold-blooded reptilian alien
from a far distant planet
sent to earth just to act like a smug jerk.
But, you know, whatever…
c’est la vie and all that jazz.

A recorded version of this poem can be found here 

This poem is pretty self explanatory, me thinks. I know that some people have anxiety issues. I know that some people aren’t comfortable around other human beings. I know that some people like to get in the zone and live in their own little world. I know that eye contact scares the shit out of some people. But, you know, grow up…a nod is not going to kill ya. Jackass.

I had a nice little surprise early this morning in the from of an email that popped into my inbox from the journal Nazar Look which is based out of Constanta, Romania.

Apparently, I had sent a three poem submission to this venue back in February. I never received an acceptance or rejection letter, and honestly don’t even recall having sent the poems. So, it was interesting to receive a letter today containing a link to the newly released issue 44 of the journal in which my work has been included. The three poems can be found at this link, appearing on pages 64-65.

“Truth” originally appeared at Record-webzine last year, and later at Wilderness House Literary Review.

“The Way It Is” was just recently featured at Your One Phone Call, a venue out of Wales, where I have a couple more poems (“In a Nutshell” and “Insomnia”) that will be appearing in the next couple of weeks.

“Elusive” was first published at Dissident Voice, and also later appeared at Wilderness House Literary Review.

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Scott Thomas Outlar

2 thoughts on “Dead Eyes

  1. It is something that is seen more especially those who are consistently into the computer at home and when they go out they feel anxious. I have as you been blessed to grow up in a time that no matter who passes me or likewise we speak. I continue to do so whether it is reciprocated or not unless intuition tells me otherwise. This is a good topic to write and bring to the light

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    1. Pamela, thank you for your comment. I like your philosophy and approach to the situation. I understand that a lot of the negativity and fear on display is simply a reflection of social anxiety and the basic human suffering that we all experience. If we just continue to shine with positive energy, it will likely be shined back at us in most instances…and if not, well, just keep smiling, because the next person you encounter might be the one whose day is brightened from the radiance.


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