Comes the Dawn

There are golden metaphors
not yet written
never before used
waiting with eternal patience
in the realm of dreams
to be grasped
and woven
into an intricately
designed web
of perfect
pinpoint precision
that raises
razor sharp
to the tippy-top
of consciousness
where solid shocks
of electric enlightenment
snap, crackle, pop
to the surface layer
of God’s Sun
helping revelation
and epiphany
burn hot
to light up the sky

with bombs bursting in air
all that jazz, all that flair

but that is not
at all
what you’ll find here

For that type of imagery
of the golden dawn variety
has a rather elusive quality
hard to grasp
hard to handle
hard to hold at all
lest it shatter under extreme pressure

a broken chalice
spilling wine and smelted silver

a dormant rust
bleeding acid from the core

a last ritual
under the weeping moon
as the primal desires
of a bound fury
smash through the chains
to unleash chaos
with mounting tides
of spitfire waves
ready to bring hell
at any moment

that is to say…

a horse, of course,
of another sort

a bird with black tar feathers
of an entirely different kind

This is not a poem
(this is a poem)
about flowery yellow language
and lofty, bouncy, big ideas

This is a poem
(this is not a poem)
about the would-be Wunderkind
kissed on the cheek
stabbed in the back
shot through the heart
slain on the cross
resurrected on the third day
only to be
buried alive on the fourth

Crestfallen in the casket –
not much air down there to breathe

Cries of,
“Why hast thou forsaken me?”
get muffled
in the firmament of clay
that once
had served
as cradle
but now
the grave

But do not shed,
Crow Jane, nary a single tear –
for you and I both know
that we all die,
my dear

Recorded reading on audioBoom available at this link

A #SpokenWord prompt-inspired poem for:

#MadVerse 413
#ntitle 524


My short poem “A Brief Respite” was released yesterday at The Poet Community.

“Sweet Dreams” has been accepted by Pankheart for their upcoming Slim Volume: This Body I Live In anthology.

I’d love to continue connecting with everyone here at the blog, as well as on Twitter and Facebook.


Scott Thomas Outlar

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