Good Clean Living

A tablespoon or two of apple cider vinegar
to break the fast each morning,
followed by freshly squeezed lemon juice
in a glass of water enhanced with trace minerals
to help flush out the toxins
from the day before.

Twenty minutes of deep mindful breathing
while stretching under the clear blue sky
with bare feet in the grass
helps to oxygenate the blood,
increase circulation,
and balance out the electromagnetic charge
that pulses through the earth, atmosphere,
and human organism.

Then a mile long walk up to the local park
to sit in the woods and write poetry
such as this, as well as to relax
and prepare the mind for a full day ahead.

A nice long jog under the sweltering Summer sun
sweats out more toxins and breaks down muscles
so that they can be built back up stronger –
order out of chaos and all that jazz.

But wait, I nearly forgot to mention
the wonderful power of the superfood powder
that goes down the gullet before exercise begins –
full of plant-based, raw, living, electrically-charged,
high vibration vitamins, minerals, antioxidants,
enzymes, prebiotics, and probiotics,
as well as all sorts of other nutritious goodies.

Then it’s back home to drink cold-pressed juice
while networking online, typing, editing, researching,
sending out submissions, reading the work of other poets,
and generally doing everything I can possibly think of
to continue moving along the path toward eventual success.

This has been my basic morning/afternoon ritual for quite some time now, with very little deviation from the path. I have a powerfully addictive personality, and so it is rather easy for me to fall into comfortable routines. Sometimes that may mean drinking copious amounts of alcohol for days, weeks, months, or years at a time, while other times it may mean having laser sharp focus on gaining a high degree of mental clarity, emotional stability, spiritual illumination, physical well being, and overall good health.

Perhaps I’ll write an addendum to this poem at some point that deals with the routine I follow during the next part of the day, which essentially involves more writing and consumption of a healthy diet.

My poem out today at Dissident Voice marks the one year anniversary of being a weekly contributor at the site. I’m very thankful to Angie Tibbs for being the first editor to publish one of my poems last year, and in so doing providing me with the boost of confidence which led me to jump headfirst into the vast ocean of submissions, which has, in turn, led to a fairly successful first year. I’m closing in on having published 400 poems so far in 2015, links to which can be found on the Poems Page of this site.

“…with Slavery and Debt for All” can be checked out at this link, where both the text as well as a recorded reading of the piece can be found…


Scott Thomas Outlar

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