A Simple Song

I write this love song
to life –
her eyes enchant me
and give vision
to a sight once blind;
her smile intoxicates me
and lights up my face
that once was so cold;
her music inspires me
as it blows
across the whispering winds;
her openness draws me in
and touches me
with electricity from the source;
her sky is an ocean
of pure blue fervor
that rolls with gentle waves;
her heart pumps feverishly
and fills my veins
full of passion and lust;
her truth rings with veritas
and shatters the illusion
of lies that try to bind;
her moon reflects warmth
in the night
as I marvel at the stars;
her sun is my savior
and I welcome its flash
with each new dawn that arises.

A simple song on a simple day from a simple man that simply wants to simplify matters down to the basest form so that simplicity can reign in his heart, mind, and soul.

But it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that it won’t last very long…

They say ignorance is bliss, but I don’t necessarily buy into that whole rap. I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and a ravenous hunger for deeper understanding of the truth. In fact, I don’t even know what the truth actually is, and so that basic problem alone always keeps me coming back to the table for the next feast. An existential meal for an appetite that will never be satiated. But that’s cool. I didn’t come to this world expecting to find all the answers. I came to enjoy the experience, play the game, and have a bit of fun while waxing philosophical and playing around poetically with words. There is also the main agenda of Renaissance and Revolution that still needs to be tended to…and that season will surely arrive when the moment is right…there is, after all, a time and a place for all things.

Five new poems out today in the debut issue of The Syzygy Poetry Journal:

Alpha Point Apocalypse; Schism; Simple Measures; Buzzing Revelation; and Springs Eternal can be found at this link.

My weekly Sunday poem will be coming out tomorrow at Dissident Voice. I knew that the one year mark was starting to creep up on my having been a contributor at the site, but I just went and checked and it turns out that it now has been one full year. So that’s pretty sweet, for sure. Here’s a link to my archive there.


Scott Thomas Outlar

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