One Hit Wonder

The stage is set
The curtains drawn
The lights go on

Hey, now,
why don’t you
rock it for me

I have sacrificed everything
to be here

Bled my veins dry
drained my gills
and cut my throat…
for you

and now
nothing else matters

so play your song
and sing
lungs ravaged in black cancer
lyrics that call out the hounds

love and lust
in every note

Death Metal Apocalypse
upon us

ashes to ashes…
it all falls down

and so we dance
in Dionysian revelry

Press your promises
against my flesh
and pour your chalice freely
that I may taste
but one sip
of sweet nectar
from your holy symphony

audioBoom recording

A #SpokenWord Poem Prompt Response for:






Scott Thomas Outlar

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