Just Enough to Squeak by

One moment of mindfulness
is enough to part the seas,
enough to turn back the hands of time,
enough to launch a brighter future,
enough to rediscover the truth,
enough to put deception to rest,
enough to drive the swine to the depths,
enough to balance order and chaos,
enough to find a perfect pattern,
enough to raise love on high.

One deep breath
is enough to save a soul.

Ten deep breaths
are enough to heal the world,
enough to seek redemption,
enough to ask forgiveness,
enough to stop the wars,
enough to feed the famine,
enough to heal the pestilence,
enough to raise the dead,
enough to harmonize the rhythm,
enough to synchronize the song,
enough to settle all scores,
enough to bring about a perfect peace,
enough, at least, to make it through one more day.

I’ve been writing a weekly Sunday poem for the social justice newsletter Dissident Voice for the past ten months, and this piece originally appeared in that capacity back around the end of May.

Breathe: A very simple message, yet, in the madness of this hustle bustle lifestyle that comes along with modern society, one that sometimes takes a backseat due to the hectic, chaotic, and stressful environments we often find ourselves in. One deep, mindful breath can help return consciousness to a state of present moment awareness. Every inhalation of oxygen is a critical component in the body’s detoxification process. Breathe in the air, feel it travel through the lungs, and visualize it entering every cell in your body. Or, you know, don’t. It’s your life, after all, and you can do whatever you damn well please. As for me, I’m going to spend today using this very basic meditation as the center upon which all other actions expand outward from. If I’m able to stay in the holy flow for a few hours, I might just reach a point of spiritual ecstasy in which the cool waves of Kundalini electricity rush through my blood and nervous system. Now that is the type of enlightened orgasm I’m digging these days. To hell with the world of flesh…I’m seeking the God-Source in all it’s glory and splendor. Ah-Ohm.

Here are links to the 11 poems which I’ve had appear in 9 different venues so far in August. Thank you, as always, to the editors and publishers who allow me to contribute:

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Scott Thomas Outlar

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