The Marrow

I will take this
to the core
of the marrow
where chaos is married
to an emerging order
so we may find
the structure
to satisfy desires
of both flesh and soul
in this strange world
where suffering
somehow leads to joy
and all the pain
tests the limit
until pleasure is reached

I will fade out
in the night
like a sun
that no longer burns
but folds up shop
in disintegration
toward entropy
and dissolution
in this dying cosmos
where each breath
is a blessing
and each kiss
is a lesson
unto the grave

This is a poem that originally appeared at Stephen Jarrell Williams’ site Dead Snakes back in June of this year. I’ve been publishing at Dead Snakes nearly once a week for the past seven months. Stephen was one of the first editors to give me a regular forum to share my work. Along with Angie Tibbs at Dissident Voice who has allowed me to contribute a weekly Sunday poem now for the past ten months. Guy Farmer at The Poet Community is another editor that comes to mind who has been very kind toward my writing. Although I haven’t been publishing essays recently, I should also mention that Davi Barker at The Daily Anarchist was also very supportive of my work in the beginning. I’ve been fortunate to make some sound connections in this first year of publishing, and plan on making many more as the journey continues.

Anyone interested in staying connected with me and my writing can do so by sending me a friend request on FB or by following me on Twitter @17Numa.


Scott Thomas Outlar

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