See You on the Other Side

Hello and welcome…
Allow me to introduce myself:
I am the all-engulfing
of existential darkness,
here to help you navigate
through the shadows
of your own psyche,
that you may flow
from out the confusion of chaos
into an emergent state of higher order.

I promise
that there is a light
on the other side of this tunnel,
but that doesn’t imply
that there won’t be
suffering and sorrow
every step of the way
as you are broken down
to the foundational core
and made to bear witness
the essence of your true being.

Such a journey is not sugarcoated
with roses, rainbows, cupcakes, and kittens,
but is guarded at every turn
with ghosts, goblins, vampires,
and the viciously terrifying memories
that scare you half to death,
haunt your dreams every night,
and hold you back
from your destiny
of reaching full actualization
as an individuated spark
of pure consciousness
born from the Source
and sent to this Earth
to push through the pain,
trek through the sludge,
and climb up the mountain
where the view from the peak
of the abyss you emerged from
will make every effort undertaken
that felt like torture along the way
seem absolutely worthwhile in the end.

Your two eyes are blind
to the truth of this existence,
but when they are closed
they shall be made anew
as One
to witness the apocalyptic fire
that burns righteously
at the center of your soul.

Your two ears are deaf
to the sweet sounds
of the celestial realm,
but when they are closed
the floodgates of harmonious music
shall be opened wide
to hear the song of the spheres
sung by the stars
to embed in your heart.

As above, so below,
on Earth as it is in Heaven.
Now pick up your feet
and get to stepping,
for the rewards of paradise
are reaped only by those
who are ready and willing
to go forth and harvest them
from out the black silence
where they are kept safe
for those with the guts to seek glory.

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