Reaping the Fields of Karma

Black out
in the blind spots
of my boredom
where entropy whispers
into the spaces of silence
that this is just no good…

if the end is near
then quit screwing around
and pull the bandages
so I can bleed out.

I always promise the world
but never seem to deliver,
and now Karma’s cruel kiss
is sending back
a lifetime of empty packages
all marked return to sender.

I came to this world
to set it on fire…
oh, goody, here’s a match…

I came to this table to feast
but every plate that gets served
is too rancid and raw
for my squeamish stomach
to hold down,
and the waves of nausea
are rocking the boat
out at sea
where sharks can sense
apathy and fear in the water.

A predator class
lurks in the shadows,
ready to release
a fresh dose
of unprincipled carnage
with a tide of chaos
sent to shore
to squash
the last ray of hope
in my calcified heart…

if this is the end
then quit fucking around
and pull the plug
so I can meet my maker.

There are a few words
I’d like to say
at the pearly gates
before I’m turned away
and sent to kiss the flames
that shall serve the role
of my lover unto eternity.

I came to this Earth
to douse it in salt…
time to reap what’s been sown.

I came to this fire
to dance in the pyre
with an ignition switch
primed for inferno…
it’s the last laugh…
it’s the final sip…
it’s the big flood…

ash to ash…
dust to dust…

I promised the world
but returned only dirt
in the end.

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