A heart full of Christ’s blood

A liver saturated with the piss of Dionysus

A mind that flashes back and forth

between a faithful love of light

and the temptations calling from the darkness

There are angels soaring in the heavens

but there are snakes down here in the grass

A desperate search for higher truth

A crashing tide of little white lies

A body with legs that can walk

all day and night toward the siren


A body with a bruised and broken back

lacking the strength to rise out of bed

A womb with promises of new karma

A grave that yawns with a final seduction

A silent meditation on the path toward peace

A violent world that cannibalizes its own flesh

A fiery halo adorning the crown of ascended masters

A rag of salt for thieves with wounded hands

There is always a fresh hope in the next step

but there are always new challenges that lie ahead

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