Lacking Voice

I long for a time that never was.

I’ve been seeking after an illusion all my life.

The truth is just a crashing wave…a rise…a fall.

All my eggs were smashed while still in the basket

but at least I had a final scrambled meal to devour.

Luck has nothing to do with fate

but choice has everything to do with the fall.

Life is a question without answer.

Love is a song without a voice.

I always try to say too much

but never wind up speaking my mind.

I’ll lay down softly in a field of poppies.

I’ll meet you later on the right side of the throne.

I’ll dive in after if you start drowning

but will likely end up remaining in the depths ever after.

My heart is a fire without a gauge.

My mind is a bomb that already engaged the target.

There is nothing here except the rubble.

There is no one home except for thieves.

I tried my hand at being honest

but all it brought me were these empty palms.

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