May Update

Trying to get back into a rhythm after falling off a bit last month in my productivity. No let up allowed. To slow down is worse than death. Or maybe I’m just a hyperbolic, sensationalized, exaggerating artist…

20 poems published so far in May:

Sucked Dry – Social Justice Poetry

Going through the Motions – Poems and Poetry

Melee – Yellow Chair Review

The Things That Go Unspoken – Dissident Voice

Test Tube – UFO Gigolo

A New Obsession – Section 8 Magazine

Turning the Cycle – Section 8 Magazine

Ripped, Shredded, and Ready to Go – Illya’s Honey

High/Low – Crack the Spine

Feigning Ignorance – Poems and Poetry

Trump Hand – Degenerates: Voices for Peace

Gone to Pot – Visual Verse

The Low Down Dirty Blues – Dead Snakes

Vomited – Dead Snakes

Futurist Spring – Snapping Twig

Crash Course – WritingRaw

So We Might As Well Dance – WritingRaw

Burning Rags – WritingRaw

Big Shark – WritingRaw

Drain Until Complete – WritingRaw

One short story this month:

Stealing Roses from a Grave – The Haunted Traveler

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