If you need a fire, I will burn this world to ash

If you seek entropy, I will fade away and disappear

If you are suffocating, I will be emergency resuscitation

If you need an ear to bend, I will lean in closer

If you want a lover, I will rip open my heart

If you are lowdown and out, I will be the high entering your veins

If you are sad, I will be a jester

If you are happy, I will dance beside you

If you are starving, I will be a blooming garden of fruit

If you are thirsty, I will be a vineyard of wine

If you are tired, I will be energy incarnate

If you are weak, I will drain my strength into you

If you are bleeding, I will be the bandage

If you are lonely, I will be a friend with a smile

If you are confused, I will be clarity through the storm

If you are filthy, I will be a flood to wash over

If you are cold, I will be a fiery sun

If you are hot, I will be the winter cometh

If you are lost, I will be the rescue mission

If you cannot go any further, I will carry you to the finish line

If you cannot get going, I will be the gentle push

If you want sex, I will enter your womb

If you want death, I will arrive as black cancer

I am the chameleon

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