I can taste miracles in the air
Six days sober and I am electric
Breathing the sun in through my third eye
Visions of future love burning as a fireball

All the war in the world can’t kill my buzz
There is no cliché I’m afraid to use in this moment
Magnetic pulses of pure source vibration pull me toward center
Your perfect core is my ultimate destination

A kiss, a caress, a push, a thrust
If sex is a drug then I am a hopeless junkie

These abandoned streets will soon house the gurus
I met a sage and he slapped me in the face
I turned the other cheek and left him in tears of joy

I can sense your presence from miles away
I am a dog in heat and your siren call is a high pitched whistle
My panting tongue was created to suck your sweat

I don’t care about yesterday because God just crowned my halo
I don’t need tomorrow as I sleep in pure waves of bliss
The dark night came and I laughed as it washed over my soul

Your arms are a comfort brighter than the North Star
Your skin has a smell that drives me back to primal nature

If this is a vice then I have no use for virtue
If this is a lie then the truth be damned

Fill my cup to the brim and watch it spill over
I’ll drain your chalice like I was dying of thirst
I feel completely quenched and satiated in this bed of roses

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