Poem by Scott Thomas Outlar

oddball magazine

The Differences Between Us

I’m post apocalyptic
I’ve been to the abyss
survived the fall
and lived to tell

I’m mocha wine in paradise
I’m chocolate sweetheart velvet

You’re a crisis waiting confirmation
You’re a flavor that died on impact

I’m the breaker of the chaos fields
I’m the warrior that never rests

You’re a daydream without rudders
You’re a lost soul gone off the deep

I’m the detective that stakes out
the spot for perfect crimes
to catch that silent thief in the night
I’m the light that shines on lies

Artwork © Richard Montgomery Artwork © Richard Montgomery

Scott Thomas Outlar survived both the fire and the flood. Now he dances with the waves of the Tao River, flowing and fluxing with the ever changing tide. His debut chapbook A Black Wave Cometh will be released in April through Dink Press.

Richard Montgomery: “My philosophical surrealistic drawings are known for their unique…

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