Picking Up and Carrying On

I do my best.
Sometimes I come up short of the goal.
Sometimes I fail life’s little tests.
Sometimes I lose my balance.
Sometimes I stumble and trip.
Sometimes I fall flat on my face.
Sometimes I speak careless words.
Sometimes I forget to be kind.
Sometimes I let my ego roam wild.
Sometimes I hurt those I love the most.
Sometimes I bite the hands that feed me.
Sometimes I misfire on moderation.
Sometimes I bite the dust.
Sometimes I taste the ash.
But what will never change is that I always get back up,
I always stand back on the path,
I always recalibrate my soul’s compass to Source,
and I always remain dedicated to doing my best.
Hell, occasionally even I get things right.

House Rules, a poem which originally appeared at Dissident Voice a few weeks ago, was reprinted at Social Justice Poetry today.

30 poems have been published so far in the month of March. However, this was the slowest day I’ve had in a long time. Four submissions sent out, one acceptance received, zero rejections in the inbox…less than an hour left to kill before Midnight strikes…just honey molasses dripping methodically through my numbed consciousness.


Scott Thomas Outlar

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