At Some Point Some Things Must Change…But Fuck If I Want to Deal with That in This Condition

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I’m too numb to say anything new…so here’s the poem I wrote earlier while my computer was busy crashing over and over and over and over…

Nuclear Bomb in the Mainframe

Computer crash…
Computer crash…
What to do?
write a poem,
and keep pushing ahead…

feels no sorrow
for spoiled brats
who get frustrated
over minor inconveniences.

adapt, and
flow with the fluxing nature
of life’s little challenges,
or else suck
on the deep blue
of an undertow.

The choice
of freewill
is ever present –
whether to get
hot under the collar,
or chill out
by staying calm, cool and collected
while bathing in the fire.

Computer crash…
Whoever said
the third time
is a charm
can take their lucky rabbit’s foot
and toss it
down the hole
where I’l be diving after
to seek out the devil
who is pulling this stunt
against my sanity.

Satan, get behind me –
I’m on a mission
you can’t slow down.
I’ve got a goal
that your illusions
and temptations
toward utter chaos
will never shake
the perfect structure
of my ordered alignment away from.

I’m steady on the path…
I’m balanced in my stride…
I’m destined for the truth
which is found
beyond the lies
of this little
meltdown fiasco
playing out before my eyes.

I’ll turn my two
into one
and open the third
to see past all obstacles.

Computer crash…
The absurdity
of the circumstances
has me thinking that Loki
must be lurking
on the scene
tossing seeds of annihilation
in every spot
I try to step upon.

But I can dance,
I can weave,
I can find the special sweet spaces
where no bombs
will get the best
of my desire
to stay clean.

I can laugh my way
to paradise
even as the war
rages all around.

I can shut
this system down
before it has
a chance
to die on me again.

I can come back later
with my savior
and resurrect the program
for a future
set to sail.

At some point some things must change…but fuck if I want to deal with that in this condition.


Scott Thomas Outlar

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