Order Breaking Down…Chaos Gearing Up…The Horror of a Torn Vein…The Last Cry of a Twisted God

Wherever It May Go – Poems and Poetry

Waiting for Its Turn – Poetry Life & Times

Shattered Moments – Novelmasters

Broken Evolution – Novelmasters

Bay Bridge – Novelmasters

Wagering Early in the A.M. – The Screech Owl

I’ve had six total poems posted today at four different venues (thank you to them all) which means I’ve now published 134 pieces so far in 2015 in various magazines, journals and websites (again, thank you to them all). But the only damned thing I can think about is the next, the next, the next, the next. I think they call that chasing the mother fucking dragon…which I’ve certainly had my fair share of experience with. Hell, I used to think certain drugs could be addicting…now I’ve got a whole other demon to dance with. If it sounds like I’m complaining, I’m not. After all, a man has to have some way to waste away the hours of his life.

If life itself is The Lesson, where does that leave those who are too cool for school?


Scott Thomas Outlar

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