The Brahman Spirit…Flipping the Switch…The Meaning of True Love

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Until the Next Fall was accepted today and will appear in the Summer issue (21) of Exercise Bowler.

I wrote this poem tonight (well, last night at this point) and posted it on Facebook:

Prioritizing the Itinerary

I saw God
descending downward
in a golden halo cloud
from Heaven’s precipice,
radiating pure source energy
with electrical sparks illuminating space
in every direction.
I saw the sky rip open.
I saw the New Age birthed.
I saw the world rejoicing
in outbursts of uncontrollable weeping.
I saw people falling to their knees
in praise and adulation,
worshiping the miracle,
singing with angelic voices
in a chorus of perfect harmony and rhythm
about the blessings
being bestowed upon the Earth
through the grace of a second coming.
I saw it all transpire
in a Big Bang flash
of terrible awesomeness.
I saw the unfolding
of a glorious affirmation
as peace flowed over the land
and rippled in cascades through the blood
beating in the veins of a billion newly opened hearts.

I came…I saw…
I turned my back
and walked away…
I had other things
that needed to be done…


Scott Thomas Outlar

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