Never Satisfied…Chasing the Dragon…Where Does It End

If one does not first become intimately entwined with the seductive power of pain, one will never be able to fully experience the true high wave emotion brought about through intense revelations of pleasure.

A patience that is never ending could just as easily be said to have never actually begun.

I had five acceptance letters today from different editors.

I also had my weekly poem at Dissident Voice get published. When I Think About (Insert Politician Here) had more shares on the first day than any other poem I’ve published at DV in the past seven months since I began regularly contributing. This is after last weeks piece – House Rules – performed better than any poem prior to it.

This is all very good news. It means there is some sort of upward trajectory beginning to manifest. Yet, it just never feels like enough. The psychological high/reward which I seek remains ever elusive. A constant chasing of the dragon. It’s either that, or maybe the existential longings and terrors are just starting to wear me down…


Scott Thomas Outlar

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