On Love and Hatred…On Drawing the Lines…On Leaving the Enemy Behind

Jesus preached to love one’s enemies. I did that for awhile. It works alright, I guess, as far as bringing about a state of detached, centered, holier-than-thou type attitudinal alignment. It’s not some sort of get-into-heaven-free-card or anything. Not that I’d want one. Or need one. Or sell my soul for one. Now this is where I could start writing about how the Kingdom of God is found within, and that the sublime paradise of heaven is actually a state of consciousness that is brought about within the psyche through the attainment of proper perspective and mindfulness. Which is all true, no doubt. But not really pertinent to this post.

My main point here, to state it rather crudely, is that one should hate their enemies. Hate those that do wrong unto you. Hate those that plague this world with their disease. Hate those that hold back evolution. Not the type of hatred that is synonymous with anger and eats away from the inside out while doing more harm to you than it ever possibly could to the person you’re trying to direct it toward.  I’m talking about the purest form of hatred…to shun your enemy…to turn away from your enemy…to care so little about your enemy that the very idea of giving them any more attention is next to impossible. Shake off the dust from your cloak and walk away from that which is abominable and wretched. Cast away and leave behind that which is sure to perish in the coming flood.

But enough of all that, eh? This buzz is not nearly strong enough to carry that type of heavy shit any further tonight.

Published poems today:

13 – Your One Phone Call

Count to Ten – Leaves of Ink

Get Me Out of Here/Now – Dead Snakes

Musings on a Joke System – Dead Snakes

Proper Portions – Dead Snakes


Scott Thomas Outlar

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