June 2020

Without Leash – Borderless Journal

Warning Labels – Our Poetry Archive

Of Stumbles and Riposte – Our Poetry Archive 

Summation Ceremony – Our Poetry Archive

Of Escalations and Endgames – Live Encounters

Live Encounters - Of Escalations and Endgames

Not a Flinch – Live Encounters

When Sirens Believe Their Own Song/The Drowning – Live Encounters

Live Encounters June 2020

May 2020

When Form Takes Shape – Dissident Voice

Hounded – GloMag

Violins with Falsetto – Miletus (print)

Miletus issue 5 cover

Casting Cards – Impspired Magazine (print)

Shake Loose – Impspired Magazine (print)

Gut Reaction – Impspired Magazine (print)

Watchful Eyes – Impspired Magazine (print)

Apples & Owls at Midnight (Part ?) – Impspired Magazine (print)

Impspired issue 2 cover

Fertile Easter – Ponder Savant

Test Tube – Ponder Savant

Maps – Ponder Savant

Wait Not – Hibiscus (print)

Hibiscus front cover

Blue Pines – Spillwords Press

Masquerade – Dissident Voice

Seizure – Rust Belt Review (print)

Rust Belt Review 5 cover

Eternal and Infinite – Dissident Voice

Wasteland Youth – Dissident Voice

2020 Western Voices –  Setu Mag (Guest Editor)

Plum Puckered – Dissident Voice 

April 2020

Chasing Tail – The Collidescope

Salt Replaces Sugar – The Collidescope

Phase Shift – GloMag

Around First Base… – Dissident Voice

Ham & Havarti on Sourdough – Gnashing Teeth Publishing

Public Declarations – Flashes

Ampere – Dissident Voice

Slate – Alien Buddha Press (with Interview)

Of Bitter Cheese and Spinning Wheels – Dissident Voice

Wrapped up in White Coats with a Smile – Alien Buddha Press

Phase Shift – Dissident Voice

March 2020

Vanilla Extract – GloMag

Warning Labels – Dissident Voice

Blue Pines – Luz Cultural (Spanish Translation)

Of Sand and Sugar – Luz Cultural (Spanish Translation)

Indigo – Luz Cultural (Spanish Translation)

Of Godhead and Gravestones – Amaravati Poetic Prism Anthology (print)

Amaravati Poetic Prism Anthology 2019

Of Lockdowns and Forced Inoculations – Dissident Voice

Apples & Owls at Midnight (part 1) – Bridging Continents (Bengali)

Apples & Owls at Midnight (part 2) – Bridging Continents Anthology (print) 

Apples & Owls at Midnight (part 3) – Bridging Continents Anthology (print)

Bridging Continents Anthology (2)

Riposte – Dissident Voice

Of Dial Tones and Static – Dissident Voice

…Had a Great Fall – Concrete Mist Press (print)

Spent – Concrete Mist Press (print)

Concrete Mist Press Anthology front cover

It’s Academic – Dissident Voice

Yeah, You’re Always Right, but How Well Do You Aim? – Our Poetry Archive

Ham & Havarti on Sourdough – Our Poetry Archive

Fickle Sails – Our Poetry Archive

February 2020

Strip the Gilded– Impspired Magazine (print)

Fault Lines – Impspired Magazine (print)

Hemorrhage – Impspired Magazine (print)

Impspired cover

Clear Vision on Shaky Legs – Dissident Voice

Of Sand and Sugar – Envision Arts Magazine (print)

Transcending Definitions – Envision Arts Magazine (print)

Envision Arts Magazine volume 2 cover

Student Section – Torrid Literature Journal (print)

Torrid Literature Journal XXV cover

Summing up the World’s Problems – Dissident Voice

Broken Geometry – Artifact Nouveau (print)

On Getting Close and Casting Out – Artifact Nouveau (print)


Of Covenants and Cauldrons – GloMag (print)

GloMag February 2020 front cover

Student Section – Dissident Voice

Bloody Mirage – Mad Swirl

Queen’s Gambit – Dissident Voice

January 2020

Casting Cards – Impspired Magazine

Shake Loose – Impspired Magazine

Gut Reaction – Impspired Magazine

Watchful Eyes – Impspired Magazine

Apples & Owls at Midnight (Part ?)– Impspired Magazine

Hemorrhage – Dissident Voice

Apples & Owls at Midnight (Part 5) – Tiny Spoon (print)

Apples & Owls at Midnight (Part 9) – Tiny Spoon (print)

Tiny Spoon Issue 3 cover

Halo Equated – GloMag

The Difference Between Amnesia and Trauma – Dissident Voice

Ham and Havarti on Sourdough – Dissident Voice

Crosshairs – Dissident Voice

Alms of Ouroboros – Art House Anthology (print)

Scars Publications - Art House Anthology cover

December 2019

Go Cult Yourself– Burning Bridges Anthology (print)

Scars Publications - Burning Bridges Anthology Cover

Smell Test – Dissident Voice

Sunlight Crystal – GloMag

20/20 Up the Slope/Through the Spin – Dissident Voice

Aborted Escapism– Dissident Voice

Halo Equated – Dissident Voice

Abortion Ceremony – Barrio Panther (print)

Tender Loving– Barrio Panther (print)

Glandular Transmission – Dissident Voice

November 2019

Slap Thrice and Pretend It’s a Discount – 2020 Poetry Review (print)

Scars Publications 2020 Review Date Book

Peaches ‘n Cream – Dissident Voice

Speak & Sing & Dance & Flutter & Fly – Atunis Galaxy Anthology (print)

Without Works – Atunis Galaxy Anthology (print)

Atunis Galaxy Anthology 2020 cover

‘Tis the Season – Dissident Voice

A Time to Seek – SIPAY Revue Literaire Seychelloise (print)

Tease – Poetry Pacific

Goodbye to the Machine – Poetry Pacific

Sunlight Crystal – Dissident Voice

Of Haunted Orbs and Hallowed Seasons – Dissident Voice

Indigo – GloMag

Revelations in the Marrow – Spillwords Press

October 2019

Empty Calories – Dissident Voice

Cradling Whispers – Academy of the Heart and Mind

Of Tongues and Jesters – Academy of the Heart and Mind

Narrow – Academy of the Heart and Mind

Slate – Bengaluru Review

Divorced from Self/Born Anew – Bengaluru Review

Here and Now (and After) – Bengaluru Review

Wet Leaves – Bengaluru Review

Bengaluru Review promo

Casting Cards – Dissident Voice

On Earth as It Is in Heaven – Erothanatos

Ampere – Erothanatos

Equilibrium – Erothanatos

If You See Me Passing By – Erothanatos

Headlight Fever – Dissident Voice

Of Sand and Sugar – Saffron Flavored Rock Candy (Farsi Translation)

Eternal and Infinite – Saffron Flavored Rock Candy (print)

Sweet Tooth – Saffron Flavored Rock Candy (print)

Saffron Flavored Rock Candy vol 2 cover

Two-Way Street, Dead-End Alley – Dissident Voice

September 2019

On Getting Close and Casting Out – Dissident Voice

Broken Geometry – GloMag

For Felino – Clockwise Cat (Felino Soriano Tribute)

White Light Sessions – Dissident Voice

Just Like That – The Pangolin Review

Behind the Veil of Birth – Dissident Voice

God, Love, Truth, and Light – Gli Amici di Guido Gozzano (Italian Translation)

2019 Gli Amici di Guido Gozzano certificate-page-001

Strip the Gilded – Impspired Magazine

Fault Lines – Impspired Magazine

Hemorrhage – Impspired Magazine

Abbreviated Spaces – Blue’s Cruzio Cafe (animated)

Hollow Victory – Dissident Voice

Cleanup on Aisle Armageddon – Dissident Voice

August 2019

Parlor Tricks – GloMag

Broken Geometry – Dissident Voice

Chasing Tail – Blognostics

Of Sand and Sugar – Z Publishing House (print)

Indigo – Z Publishing House (print)

Z Publishing House - Georgia's Best Emerging Poets 2019 Anthology cover

It’s a Matter of Record/Opinion – Abstract Magazine

Sweet Explosion – Duane’s New PoeTree

Wagging Fingers in the Wrong Direction – Dissident Voice

Elusive – Duck Lake Journal (print)

Duck Lake Journal issue 2 cover

Of Covenants and Cauldrons – Dissident Voice

Speak & Sing & Dance & Flutter & Fly – Atunis Poetry

Cannibalizing Nostalgia – Atunis Poetry

Fleeced – Atunis Poetry

And the Rest of His Ilk – Blognostics

Indigo – Shahitto Barta

Without Works – Atunis Poetry

All in All – Dissident Voice

At the Speed of Contact – Spillwords Press

Plastic Parasites – Our Poetry Archive

Pied Piper – Our Poetry Archive

Choke Hold Gag Reflex – Our Poetry Archive

July 2019

Antagonizing Atlas – Dissident Voice

Cavity – GloMag

What Roars Below – Blognostics

Of Godhead and Gravestones – The Collidescope 

Apples & Owls at Midnight (Part 6) – The Collidescope

Without Works – Dissident Voice

One Way Path – CTU Publishing

Fleeced – Blognostics

Indigo – Dissident Voice

Indigo – Shahitto Barta

Acidic Cycles/Meltdown Fever – Duane’s PoeTree

New Speak: Sowing Season – OPA Spirit of Nature anthology

Each and Every Breath – OPA Spirit of Nature anthology

A Simple Song – OPA Spirit of Nature anthology

Parlor Tricks – Dissident Voice

Sorceress of Soup and Bread – The Flickering Light anthology (print)

The Flickering Light cover - Scars Publications

Alms of Ouroboros – A Revolution of Modern Life anthology (print)

Go Cult Yourself – A Revolution of Modern Life anthology (print)

Slap Thrice and Pretend It’s a Discount – A Revolution of Modern Life (print)

A Revolution of Modern Life - Scars Publications

Of Sand and Sugar – Our Poetry Archive

Sweet Tooth – Our Poetry Archive

Infinite and Eternal – Our Poetry Archive

Buried Treasure – Dissident Voice

June 2019

Brine – GloMag

Cannibalizing Nostalgia – Dissident Voice

Blue Pines – Blue’s Cruzio Cafe (animated)

Revelations in the Marrow – Universal Oneness Anthology (print)

Universal Oneness Anthology cover

Of Godhead and Gravestones – Dissident Voice

Debased Currency – ELSiEiSY

Maps – Episteme Journal

Narrow – Episteme Journal

Gulp/Choke/Sigh/Breathe/Release – Episteme Journal

Alms of Ouroboros – Barzakh Magazine

Empty Pages – Barzakh Magazine

Focal Point – The Rye Whiskey Review

Raising Cain – Dissident Voice

Swimming in the Blood and Water of Mars – Culture Cult Magazine

Conquistadors – Culture Cult Magazine

CultureCult Magazine issue 10 poems

Alms of Ouroboros – cc&d Magazine (print)

Go Cult Yourself – cc&d Magazine (print)

Slap Thrice and Pretend It’s a Discount – cc&d Magazine (print)

cc&d Magazine cover

And Blood – Dissident Voice

Sorceress of Soup and Bread – Down in the Dirt Magazine (print)

Down in the Dirt Magazine issue 164 cover

Trembling Toward the Sun – CTU Publishing

From Depths Unfathomed – Our Poetry Archive 

Fine Line Between Smug & Smirking – Our Poetry Archive

Keeping It Simple in Theory – Our Poetry Archive

May 2019

Fleeced – Otherwise Engaged Literature and Arts Journal (print)

Homeward Bound – Otherwise Engaged Literature and Arts Journal (print)

That’s Peanuts – Otherwise Engaged Literature and Arts Journal (print)

And Streets Lined with Gold – Otherwise Engaged (print)

Otherwise Engaged Literature and Arts Journal Summer 2019 cover

The Distance Between Us – Heliopause Magazine (print)

Heliopause Magazine issue 3 cover

Wait Not – Dissident Voice

Golden Expanses – GloMag

This Message Will Self-Destruct – Duane’s PoeTree

Bloody Mirage – Dissident Voice

Good Clean Living – CTU Publishing

Of Tongues and Jesters – Dissident Voice

Blue Light Red Line Discount Special – Narwhal’s Lament Anthology (print)

Formulas for Pressing Flowers – Narwhal’s Lament Anthology (print)

Madness Muse Press - Narwhal's Lament cover

Forest Vision – Independent Variable

Elusive – Sunflower Sutras (audio)

Well Run Dry – Sunflower Sutras (audio)

It’s a Matter of Record/Opinion – Sunflower Sutras (audio)

Empty Pages – Sunflower Sutras (audio)

Test Tube – Dissident Voice

Maps – Vienna94 (Kurdish Translation)

Blue Pines – Vienna94 (Kurdish Translation)

Vines – Vienna94 (Kurdish Translation)

Shiver – Vienna94 (Kurdish Translation)

Of Sweat and Blood – Vienna94 (Kurdish Translation)

Transcending Defintions – Vienna94 (Kurdish Translation)

April 2019

Of Sand and Sugar Cyberwit Cover Final

Of Sand and Sugar – Cyberwit (Book)

Swift and Painless – Dissident Voice

Artificial Injection/Transmission – poeticdiversity

Of Notes and Feathers – GloMag

A Brighter Slant on the Situation – Dissident Voice

Empty Pages – Poemify Magazine

Vines – Duane’s PoeTree

Swamp Creatures – Dissident Voice

Seeds of Reconstruction – ELSiEiSY

Midnight Wonder – Librettist (print)

Trembling toward the Sun – Librettist (print)

Librettist cover issue 1

Metamorphosis (An Ode to Butterflies) – Dissident Voice

March 2019

Acronyms with Pretension – Dissident Voice

Student Section – Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine (print)

Salvaged Thorns – Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine (print)

Slow Dissolve – Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine (print)

Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine issue 38 cover

Orbital – Forty-Eight Review

Rush Hour – Alien Buddha Press Zine (print)

Reaching Beyond – Synchronized Chaos Magazine

Of Sound and Form – Synchronized Chaos Magazine

Spent – Dissident Voice

The River of Consciousness’ Passage Through Wherever It Pleases – GloMag

Chasing Tail – Stanzaic Stylings

Golden Oldies (Still Shimmer and Shine) – Piker Press

…Had a Great Fall – Dissident Voice

Compression – Duane’s PoeTree

Hermit’s Hibernation – Episteme Journal

Mooing – Episteme Journal

If You See Me Passing By – Episteme Journal

Keeping It Simple in Theory – Dissident Voice

If You See Me Passing By – Dissident Voice

Lament of Prey – The Rye Whiskey Review

Live Encounters March 2019

Violins with Falsetto – Live Encounters

Of Sweat and Blood – Live Encounters

Fault Lines – Live Encounters

February 2019

Split – Agony Opera

The Good Old Days – Agony Opera

Scribbling Notes on the Crest of a Wave – Agony Opera

Numbers Game – Agony Opera

Rush Hour – Alien Buddha Press anthology (print)

This Little Piggy – Alien Buddha Press anthology (print)

Alien Buddha Press Wears a Yellow Vest cover

That’s Peanuts – Dissident Voice

The Distance Between Us – Heliopause Magazine

God, Love, Truth, and Light – Piker Press 

Coloring Outside the Lines – Duane’s PoeTree

Loki’s Ammunition – Adelaide Literary Magazine (print)

Let Others Fool Around with Stones – Adelaide Literary Magazine (print)

Hemorrhage – Adelaide Literary Magazine (print)

Eternal and Infinite – Adelaide Literary Magazine (print)

Adelaide Magazine issue 21 cover

Brine – Dissident Voice

Lightning Rod – CTU Publishing

Transcending Definitions – The Mariner Journal (print)

Revelations in the Marrow – The Mariner Journal (print)

The Mariner issue 8

Snapshot of Eternity – GloMag (print)

GloMag February 2019 cover

Kerosene Creases – Dissident Voice

Trembling toward the Sun – Merak Magazine

Trembling toward the Sun - Merak Mag

Of Sand and Sugar – The Kolkata Review

Two Sticks and a Pen – The Kolkata Review

Some Solider the Storm – ELSiEiSY

In Silence We Speak – CTU Publishing: Naughty Nuts & Bolts (print)

Wanton Desire – CTU Publishing: Naughty Nuts & Bolts (print)

Naughty Nuts and Bolts Cover (CTU)

Logan Brodie (For Angie Tibbs) – Dissident Voice

Pulsing Tide – Red River Review

Delusional Miscalculations – Rust Belt Review (print)

Both Sides of a Broken Bed – Rust Belt Review (print)

Rust Belt Review cover

Blue Pines – Alien Buddha Zine (print)

Alien Buddha Press zine issue 3 cover

Scribbling Notes on the Crest of a Wave – Our Poetry Archive

Gagging on the Glory – Our Poetry Archive

Exclamations in the Dark – Our Poetry Archive

January 2019

Kingdom of Chaos – Night Forest Journal

Rush Hour – Night Forest Journal

Product Placement – Night Forest Journal

The Thine Line – Night Forest Journal

Rhyme and Reason – Best of the North Georgia Mountains (print)

Fleeced – Dissident Voice

Civilization’s Crumbling Cake – Talon Review

God’s Opera – Alien Buddha Press anthology (print)

Taking My Medicine – Alien Buddha Press anthology (print)

Some Poems Are More Serious Than Others – ABP anthology (print)

alien buddha press - got high anthology

What Roars Below – Dissident Voice

Compared to This – Piker Press

Wearing Wounds Well – The Rye Whiskey Review

May the Force Be with You – Dissident Voice

Of Sand and Sugar – Event Horizon Magazine (print)

Of Smoke and Stone – Event Horizon Magazine (print)

Abbreviated Spaces – Event Horizon Magazine (print)

event horizon issue 7 cover

Painting Ourselves into Corners – Erothanatos

I Still Sometimes Wonder What Happened – Erothanatos

Elusive Accord – Erothanatos

The Second Coming/Don’t Choke – Erothanatos

Slicing through the Silk – Erothanatos

Of Love and Lust – Eye Flash Poetry (print)

Swimming in the Blood and Water of Mars – CultureCult Magazine (print)

Conquistadors – CultureCult Magazine (print)

culture cult magazine issue 10 cover

Student Section – Credo Espoir

Ampere – Former People

Without Leash – Former People

Callback – Former People

Revelations in the Marrow – The Writer’s Newsletter

When Color Fades – Dissident Voice

Transcending Definitions – Envision Arts

Scary Story – Horror Sleaze Trash

Student Section – Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine

Salvaged Thorns – Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine

Slow Dissolve – Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine

Grand Slam of the Soul – Our Poetry Archive

Transcendent Energy – Our Poetry Archive

Deadliest Weapon – Our Poetry Archive

December 2018

Scrambled Equation – Prachya Review

Transcendent Language – Prachya Review

Morning Anthem – Prachya Review

Equilibrium – Dissident Voice

Split – GloMag

Across the Pond – Piker Press

Conquistadors – 2018 World Poetry Open Mic Anthology (print)

Gained in Translation – 2018 World Poetry Open Mic Anthology (print)

Rearview – 2018 World Poetry Open Mic Anthology (print)

Voila – 2018 World Poetry Open Mic Anthology (print)

Wasteland Youth – 2018 World Poetry Open Mic Anthology (print)

Wonders of the 181 – 2018 World Poetry Open Mic Anthology (print)

World Poetry Open Mic 2018 anthology

Bite Marks and Belly Aches – Dissident Voice

Survivalist Theory – The Conclusion Magazine

Natural Reflection of Your Palms – Duane’s PoeTree

Stoplight Serenade – The Rye Whiskey Review

Sweet Tooth – antinarrative journal

On Ice – BlogNostics

Kittens and Cupcakes – Horror Sleaze Trash

Lit up with Your Warmth – The BeZine

Catching Leaves and Picking Clovers – The BeZine

High Tide Hallelujah – The BeZine

Natural Reflection of Your Palms – The Writer’s Newsletter

Imagine Thirsting – Episteme Journal

Tricky Evolution – Episteme Journal

Better Kept in Wanting – Episteme Journal

It’s the Strangest Life I’ve Ever Lived – Dissident Voice

Sponge Squeeze in a Twisted Terrain – CTU Publishing

An Ode to McKenna – Cajun Mutt Press

On Earth as It Is in Heaven – Mad Swirl

Cough and Call Me Baby – Bottom Shelf Whiskey

Rearview – Leaves of Ink

Or Blind – Dissident Voice

Midnight Wonder – Merak Magazine

Midnight Wonder - Merak Magazine

One Hundred Poetic Points (excerpts) – BlogNostics

Fur – Mojave He[art] Review

It Has to End Somewhere – Mojave He[art] Review

That Man on the Street – Mojave He[art] Review

Icarus Unbound – The Ugly Writers

Without Leash – Dissident Voice

Extinction Is the Genesis of Evolution – Ray of Thought

Consecrated Concrete – formercactus

Wheels in Motion – Our Poetry Archive

Natural Reflection of Your Palms – Our Poetry Archive

Tied Together – Our Poetry Archive

November 2018

Coloring Outside the Lines – A New Ulster (print)

Here and Now (and After) – A New Ulster (print)

Empty Pages – A New Ulster (print)

Eye to Eye – A New Ulster (print)

Oxford Coma – A New Ulster (print)

A New Ulster issue 74 cover


No Matter How Many Pages Are Turned – Leaves of Ink

Breaths of Yellow and Orange – Piker Press

Of Sand and Sugar – Envision Arts

Alms of Ouroboros – Eunoia Review

Blue Pines – Dissident Voice

When Form Takes Shape – BlogNostics

Tendril – GloMag

Elusive – Spillwords

Feigning Ignorance – Madness Muse Press

Cemetery Shakedown Hustle – Madness Muse Press

Pixie Dust – Dissident Voice

Natural Reflection of Your Palms – WORD Dish

Transcending Definitions – WORD Dish

Trembling toward the Sun – WORD Dish

Can I Borrow Some Sugar – The Dope Fiend Daily

Wasteland Carousel – Leaves of Ink

Mixed Metaphor Madness – The Rye Whiskey Review

Hemorrhage – BlogNostics

Civilization’s Crumbling Cake – Otherwise Engaged Winter 2018 (print)

Eulogy – Otherwise Engaged Literature and Arts Journal (print)

God, Love, Truth, and Light – Otherwise Engaged Winter 2018 (print)

Across the Pond – Otherwise Engaged Literature and Arts Journal (print)

Otherwise Engaged Literature and Arts Journal Winter 2018 Cover

Daring the Impossible – TreeHouse Arts

Hot Breath of a Primal Yes – TreeHouse Arts

Civilization’s Crumbling Cake – TreeHouse Arts

Transcending Definitions – The Writer’s Newsletter 

Along with the Ache – Dissident Voice

Sorceress of Soup and Bread – Scars Publications

Alms of Ouroboros – Scars Publications

Go Cult Yourself – Scars Publications

Slap Thrice and Pretend It’s a Discount – Scars Publications 

Survivalist Theory – River Sandha Review

River Sandha Review - Scott Thomas Outlar (1)

Ordo Ab Chao – Duane’s PoeTree

Torn – The Pangolin Review

Clover – The Pangolin Review

One Thing Leads to Another – The Pangolin Review

Burns Hot for Evolution – Chicago Record

Alpha (Adrenaline)/Omega (Saturation) – Chicago Record

Quarter Mile to the Sun – Chicago Record

Exclamations in the Dark – Chicago Record

It’s a Matter of Record/Opinion – BlogNostics

Abbreviated Spaces – Dissident Voice

It’s a Matter of Record/Opinion – CultureCult Magazine (print)

Kingdom of Chaos – CultureCult Magazine (print)

Formulas for Pressing Flowers – CultureCult Magazine (print)

CultureCult Magazine issue 9 cover

Or Scrambled – BlogNostics

October 2018

Turn, Turn, Turn – Harbinger Asylum (print)

Eternal and Infinite – Harbinger Asylum (print)

Harbinger Asylum (autumn 2018)

The Good Life – The Dope Fiend Daily

Alms of Ouroboros – Dissident Voice

Specks of Sawdust – GloMag

Empty Pages – Dissident Voice

Stoplight Serenade – Dissident Voice

Dinner for Two – CTU Publishing

Wasteland Carousel – Dissident Voice

September 2018

Left, Right, Left – Dissident Voice

Slate – PPP Ezine

The Currents Will Shift – GloMag

The Currents Will Shift – Stanzaic Stylings

Breaths of Yellow and Orange – Dissident Voice

Gained in Translation – Episteme Journal

Sacrificed at the Altar – Episteme Journal

Rearview – Episteme Journal

Goodbye to the Machine – Dissident Voice

Conquistadors – Dissident Voice

Shattered Moments – The Rye Whiskey Review

Dimensions – Dissident Voice

Blinking Before Expansion – Our Poetry Archive

Unlearned Balloons – Our Poetry Archive

Flip of the Coin – Our Poetry Archive

August 2018


Abstract Visions of Light – Alien Buddha Press (Book)

Getting to Yes at All Costs – Alien Buddha Press Anthology 3 (print)

Monkeys on Mute – Alien Buddha Press Anthology 3 (print)

It’s a Matter of Record/Opinion – Alien Buddha Press Anthology 3 (print)

Divorced from Self/Born Anew – Alien Buddha Press Anthology 3 (print)

Cavity – Alien Buddha Press Anthology 3 (print)

Better Take a Big One – Alien Buddha Press Anthology 3 (print)

Sneaky Syndrome – Duane’s PoeTree

Portals – Leaves of Ink

Kool-Aid – Indifaring Muse (print)

With the Morning Mist – Indifaring Muse (print)

Icarus Unbound – Dissident Voice

Celestial Crescendo – CTU Publishing

Gained in Translation – Lummox Press Anthology (print)

Lummox Press Anthology 7

Imagine Thirsting – Dissident Voice

The Tab – The Dope Fiend Daily

Rant, Rattle, and Rave – Dissident Voice

Turn, Turn, Turn – Leaves of Ink

God’s Opera – The Rye Whiskey Review

Lofty Even After Annihilation – Dissident Voice

Sweetest Halo – Leaves of Ink

July 2018

Skin Crawl – CTU Publishing

Blinking Before Expansion – Dissident Voice

Old What’s Her Name – Under the Bleachers

Request Denied – Love: My Religion anthology (print)

Your Oxygen Expands Me – Love: My Religion anthology (print)

Coming of Age – Love: My Religion anthology (print)

Learning from the Birds – Dissident Voice

Before and After – GloMag

Just Like That – The 13 Alphabet Magazine

Wonders of the 181 – Academy of the Heart and Mind

Turn, Turn, Turn – Academy of the Heart and Mind

Better Take a Big One – Academy of the Heart and Mind

The Choice – Dissident Voice

Natural Reflection of Your Palms – Warriors with Wings anthology (print)

Vines – Warriors with Wings anthology (print)

Toasting the gods – The Rye Whiskey Review

Where Teeth Meet Neck – Dissident Voice

Sea-Smart – Ethos Literary Journal (print)

Behind the Curtains – Ethos Literary Journal (print)

Sex and Death – Ethos Literary Journal (print)

Ethos Literary Journal issue 1 cover

Gasoline and Honey – Dissident Voice

A Sigh Completes the Circuit – Our Poetry Archive

Cultivate – Our Poetry Archive

Red Carpet – Our Poetry Archive

June 2018

Theory of Evolution – Setu Mag (Dutch Translation by Daginne Aignende)

Tease – Setu Mag (Dutch Translation by Daginne Aignende)

When Form Takes Shape – The Bhubaneswar Review

Trembling toward the Sun – The Bhubaneswar Review

Countdown Carousel – Dissident Voice

No Such Number, No Such Zone – Best of the North GA Mountains (print)

Censor – Dissident Voice

Trembling toward the Sun – Essential Existentialism (print)

Blood Red and Lit up like a Rose – Essential Existentialism (print)

Some Soldier the Storm – Essential Existentialism (print)

Distance Across the Spectrum – Episteme Journal

Only One Can Make the Grade – Episteme Journal

Virtue After the Fall – Episteme Journal

Sea-Smart – Ethos Literary Journal

Behind the Curtains – Ethos Literary Journal

Sex and Death – Ethos Literary Journal

Tender Loving – Poetry and Creativity 

Open-Eyed Mindfulness – Poetry and Creativity

Scribbling Notes on the Crest of a Wave – Dissident Voice

Torn – Dissident Voice

Tributary – GloMag

May 2018

Raw Electric Waves – CTU Publishing

Lovely Metamorphosis – Dissident Voice

Cavity – Dissident Voice

Transcending Definitions – The Poet’s Attic volume 2 (print)

Natural Reflection of Your Palms – The Poet’s Attic volume 2 (print)

Wheels in Motion – The Poet’s Attic volume 2 (print)

Sunshine of Your Song – The Poet’s Attic volume 2 (print)

Hand in Hand and Head over Heels – The Poet’s Attic volume 2 (print)

Across the Pond – 2018 Atunis Galaxy Anthology (print)

Song of Selah – 2018 Atunis Galaxy Anthology (print)

Down to the Last Drop – PPP Ezine

Slate – PPP Ezine

Turn, Turn, Turn – Dissident Voice

Snapback – Mad Swirl

Product Placement – Eunoia Review

God, Love, Truth, and Light – The Pangolin Review

Portals – Dissident Voice

Blood in the Water – Ariel Chart

Easy Does It – Our Poetry Archive

Tricky, Tricky – Our Poetry Archive

Cosmic Climax – Our Poetry Archive

April 2018

Better Take a Big One – Dissident Voice

It’s a Matter of Record/Opinion – Dissident Voice

No Such Number, No Such Zone – Dissident Voice

Lift Service – Dissident Voice

Radio Silence – Dissident Voice

March 2018

Goddess of All My Hours – Pure Slush (print) “Corwin Grace Brand”

Transcending Space and Time – CTU Publishing

Debased Currency – Dissident Voice

Let It Rise – GloMag

Come and Conquered – Duane’s PoeTree

Faithfully Tending to the Tears – First Literary Review-East

Seeds of Reconstruction – Dissident Voice

Sparking Hues – Episteme

We Can’t Be Beat – Episteme

Chickens Hatching – PPP Ezine

Coloring Outside the Lines – Soodabeh Poems

Blood Red and Lit up like a Rose – Dissident Voice

Homeward Bound – Friends in Poetry

Focal Point – Duane’s PoeTree

Open-Eyed Mindfulness – New Ink Review

Eye to Eye – New Ink Review

Cotton Candy Fever Rush – New Ink Review

Some Solider the Storm – Dissident Voice

Natural Reflection of Your Palms – Chris Rice Cooper Blog

Coloring Outside the Lines – Persian Sugar in English Tea (print)

Transcending Definitions – Persian Sugar in English Tea (print)

Vines – Persian Sugar in English Tea (print) – (Persian Translation)

Revelations in the Marrow – Wildfire Magazine (print)

Sunshine of Your Song – Wildfire Magazine (print)

February 2018

When God Goes Grunge – Dissident Voice

Rhyme and Reason – Leaves of Ink

Wrapped up in White Coats with a Smile – Mad Swirl

Pillow Fight Premonitions – Random Poem Tree

A Time to Seek – Piker Press

Open-Eyed Mindfulness – Dissident Voice

Vines – Atunis Poetry (French Translation)

Transcending Definitions – Atunis Poetry (French Translation)

Transcendent Language (duet) – Vishwabharati Research Center (print)

Transcendent Language (You and Me anthology)

Homeward Bound – Academy of the Heart and Mind

Perspective – Academy of the Heart and Mind

Across the Pond – Duane’s PoeTree

Mainifestation Is More Than Waiting on a Miracle  – Dissident Voice 

Humming with the Angels – Glomag (print)

With the Morning Mist  – Street Light Press

Happily Seething – Street Light Press

The Outlaw and the Innocent – Whispers

Natural Reflection of Your Palms – Leaves of Ink

Exclamations in the Dark– Two Lungs Publications

Seduction of the Rabbit Hole – Two Lungs Publications

Anarchic Breakfast – Poetry Life & Times

Pillow Fight Premonitions – Dissident Voice

Hot Breath of a Primal Yes – CTU Publishing

Twin Flame – Poetry of Moon

Sparking Hues – Poetry of Moon

Hopes and Dreams – Poetry of Moon

Flocking to the Fire – Our Poetry Archive

A Time to Seek – Our Poetry Archive

Prometheus Should Have Doubled down for More – Our Poetry Archive

January 2018

Reaching Beyond – Setu Mag

Transcending Definitions – Setu Mag (Italian Translation)

Vines – Setu Mag (Italian Translation)

Alpha Point Apocalypse – The Syzygy Poetry Journal (print)

Schism – The Syzygy Poetry Journal (print)

Simple Measures – The Syzygy Poetry Journal (print)

Buzzing Revelations – The Syzygy Poetry Journal (print)

Springs Eternal – The Syzygy Poetry Journal (print)

And the Rest of His Ilk – Dissident Voice

Across the Pond – Leaves of Ink

Ace in the Hole – Best of the North Georgia Mountains (print)

Here and Now (and After) – 22 Baroha – Serbian Translation (print)

Elusive – 22 Baroha – Serbian Translation (print)

Transcending Definitions – 22 Baroha – Serbian Translation (print)

Floral Symphony – GloMag

Risky Business – The Poet’s Haven

Only One Can Make the Grade – Dissident Voice

If Ever There Were an Idol – On Possibility: Poems and Poetry

Behind the Nighttime Shades – On Possibility: Poems and Poetry

New Verse for the 21st Century – On Possibility: Poems and Poetry

The Other Side of the Coin – Piker Press

Volcano Meets Eruption – Dissident Voice

Caressing Cliches into Comforting Sighs – Cupid’s Arrow anthology (print)

Tea Leaves and Upturned Tables – The Cult Mag (print)

Tied Together – Ariel Chart

Decoded – Ariel Chart

Radiant – Ariel Chart

Carried Away by the Wind – Ariel Chart

Across the Pond – Ariel Chart

Vines – The Pangolin Review

Vines (graphic by Holly Holt)

Cotton Candy Fever Rush – Dissident Voice

Center of Your Silken Den – Ragazine

Rebate Bracket – Ragazine

Natural Reflection of Your Palms – Written Rock (Leaves of the Poet Tree)

December 2017

Product Placement – Dissident Voice

It Doesn’t Matter Where, It Only Matters Who – Piker Press

Radiant – Dissident Voice

Caroling Chaos – Mad Swirl

Rejection Letter – Duane’s PoeTree

From out the Silence … Light – Dissident Voice

Message in a Bottle – GloMag

Compression – Episteme

Swoon and Smile – Episteme

Vines – Dissident Voice

Core Agenda – CTU Publishing

The Fire and the Orbit – Dissident Voice

Whimsically Blissful – Our Poetry Archive

Coming of Age – Our Poetry Archive

Forever Muse – Our Poetry Archive

Too Cool for School – Our Poetry Archive

Transcending Definitions – Our Poetry Archive

November 2017

Somewhere in the Space Between – poeticdiversity

Sunshine of Your Song – Dissident Voice

Waiting at the Gates – Piker Press

Shunning Stress with a Simple Sigh – Dissident Voice

Coloring Outside the Lines – Tuck Magazine

Here and Now (and After) – Tuck Magazine

One Sip – Dissident Voice

Collection Agency of Chaos – Dissident Voice

Everything She Does Is Magic – Leaves of Ink

Closer to the Core – Our Poetry Archive

Valhallian Excess – Our Poetry Archive

Balance Act – Our Poetry Archive

October 2017

Across the Pond – Dissident Voice

On Time (and our modifications) – Culture Cult Magazine (print)

At the Speed of Contact – Culture Cult Magazine (print)

Scorched Halo – Piker Press

Hopes and Dreams – Dissident Voice

Monkeys on Mute – Eunoia Review

Extinction Is the Genesis of Evolution – Eunoia Review

Enough Is (Sometimes) Enough – GloMag

Prometheus Should Have Doubled down for More – Leaves of Ink

Four Chamber Massage – Medusa’s Kitchen

Flushing Away the Fear from Your Eyes – Medusa’s Kitchen

Rhyme and Reason – Medusa’s Kitchen

Stepping Stones – Medusa’s Kitchen

Drop It Like It’s Hot (Topics) – Medusa’s Kitchen

Prometheus Should Have Doubled down for More – Medusa’s Kitchen

Natural Reflection of Your Palms – Dissident Voice

On to the Next – Duane’s PoeTree

Hard-Headed – Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine 2017 anthology (print)

Undertow – CTU Publishing

Wheels in Motion – Dissident Voice

Theory of Evolution – Leaves of Ink

Levee Breach – World Book of Poems (print)

Grand Slam of the Soul – Dissident Voice

September 2017

Cometh the Key – Eos: The Creative Context

Waiting at the Gates – Dissident Voice

God, Love, Truth, and Light – Poetry Series zine (print)

Poetry Series - Sourav Sarkar-page-002 (3)

Dreaming of a Burning Fruition – GloMag

The Other Side of the Coin – Dissident Voice

Transcending Definitions – Lummox 2017 anthology (print)

If Not Now… – Episteme

A Bit of Both – Episteme 

Carried Away by the Wind – Episteme

2017 Guido Gozzano Honorable Mention-page-001

Transcending Definitions – 2017 Guido Gozzano Italian contest (best of)

Last Dance – Alien Buddha Press anthology (print)

Another in the Urn – Alien Buddha Press anthology (print)

Tease – The Synesthesia Literary Journal anthology (print)

Rhyme and Reason – Dissident Voice

Reduction as a Process of Expansion – Dissident Voice

Chickens Hatching – Communicators League 

Cuddling Transcendence – Communicators League

Spirit of Release – Guinevere Review (print)

Virtue After the Fall – Guinevere Review (print)

August 2017

Something Sacred in Our Sadness – Stanzaic Stylings

Drop It Like It’s Hot (Topics) – Dissident Voice

Homecoming – CTU Publishing

Lightning Rod – The Beautiful Space

Daring the Impossible – The Beautiful Space

If Ever There Were an Idol – The Galway Review

Open and Empty – The Galway Review

Spirit of Release – The Galway Review

Moisture of a Soul’s Soil – How Well You Walk Through Madness (print)

When Fire Meets Flesh – Spirit Fire Review

Igniting Intention – Spirit Fire Review

Slate – Spirit Fire Review

Open and Empty – Dissident Voice

Slip and Cycle – GloMag

Teenage Angst – Duane’s PoeTree

Proliferation of Peace – Dissident Voice

Roman Numeral Cathedral Blasphemy – Visual Verse

Monkeys on Mute – Dissident Voice

Rosetta Stone – Narrow Road

Theory of Evolution – Harbinger Asylum (print)

Extra Credit – Harbinger Asylum (print)

Hard Stop – Our Poetry Archive

Subtle Miscalculations – Our Poetry Archive

Squishing Faces – Our Poetry Archive

July 2017

The Goddess Becomes a Ghost – Dime Show Review (print)

Golden Oldies (Still Shimmer and Shine) – Dissident Voice

Spirit of Release – Dissident Voice

Black & White w/a Great Grey – GloMag

Virtue After the Fall – Dissident Voice

It Doesn’t Matter Where, It Only Matters Who – ELSiEiSY

Whatever Language It Takes – Praxis Magazine

Mahatma Guru Magazine poems and photoAce in the Hole – Mahatma Guru Magazine

Double Duty – Mahatma Guru Magazine

Scorched Halo – Mahatma Guru Magazine

Venom Laced Jackal Fangs – The Wayward Sword anthology (print)

Drawing from the Well (excerpt) – The Wayward Sword anthology (print)

While We Weep – The Wayward Sword #RESIST anthology (print)

Topple – Advaitam Speaks Literary Journal

Rites of Initiation – Advaitam Speaks Literary Journal

Igniting Intention – Dissident Voice

Homeward Bound – Burning House Press

Return of the Fission – Burning House Press

A Time to Seek – The Beautiful Space

Prometheus Should Have Doubled Down for More – Poetry Poetics Pleasure

48th Street Press - Midnight Wonder-page-001

Midnight Wonder/Wander – 48th Street Press Broadside Series (print)

Closer to the Core – 48th Street Press Broadside Series (print)

Just Enough to Squeak by – CTU Publishing

Comes the Budding – Coffee with Underhill (audio)

Ace in the Hole – Dissident Voice

Another in the Urn – The Writer’s Space

Eyes of Innocence – Our Poetry Archive

Stoic Anticipation – Our Poetry Archive

Forks on the Left – Our Poetry Archive

June 2017

Poison in Paradise full cover JPG

Poison in Paradise – Alien Buddha Press (book)

Carried Away by the Wind – Dissident Voice

It Doesn’t Matter Where, It Only Matters Who – Poems on the Edge

Poems on the Edge (It Doesn't Matter Where, It Only Matters Who) digital broadside

Weeping to Sow – Dissident Voice

New Speak (Sowing Season) – FEKT

Revelations in the Marrow – FEKT

Transcending Definitions – FEKT

Numbers Game – FEKT

Choke Hold – FEKT 

Realms of the (Un)known – Dissident Voice

Comes the Calm – Festival for Poetry

Rites of Initiation – ELSiEiSY

A Time to Seek – Dissident Voice

Heavy Rumblings Gather in Formation – GloMag

Splish Splash – Our Poetry Archive

Just in Case – Our Poetry Archive

The Ankh of Life – Our Poetry Archive

May 2017

Numbers Game – Scarlet Leaf Review (print)

Something Sacred in Our Sadness – Scarlet Leaf Review (print)

Midnight Wonder/Wander – Scarlet Leaf Review (print)

Softly in the Garden – Scarlet Leaf Review (print)

Slate – Scarlet Leaf Review (print)

Lava Soothed – Dissident Voice

Same Old Song and Dance – Duane’s PoeTree

Beyond the Pale – Creative Talents Unleashed

Theory of Evolution – ELSiEiSY

Sway – Dissident Voice

Disperse– Leaves of Ink

Theory of Evolution – Dissident Voice

217 Poetic Points (excerpts) – Writing Knights Press anthology (print)

Prometheus Should Have Doubled Down for More – Dissident Voice

Singing on the Way to Our Grave – Poetry Pacific

37 – Poetry Pacific

Visions of Paradise – Poetry Leaves event in Waterford, Michigan (print)

Sip of the Sea (Farsi translation) – Where Are You From? anthology (print)

Sublimity (Farsi translation) – Where Are You From? anthology (print)

Without a Trace (Farsi Translation) – Where Are You From? anthology (print)

High Fever – Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine (print)

April 2017

A Final Sup – Visual Verse

Numbers Game – Setu Mag

Bacchanalian Sundown with S’mores – Setu Mag

Zero-Point Transition – Setu Mag

Floor It – Setu Mag

Divorced from Self/Born Anew – Dissident Voice

I’m Sorry, Our Time Is up – Lady Chaos Press anthology (print)

Stairway to Heaven – Piker Press

Ineffable, yet Highly Electric – Dissident Voice

An Ode to Fear – Into The Void Magazine (print)

Snapshot of Sweet Salvation – Inigo Online Magazine

Conversation Killer – Dandelion in a Vase of Roses anthology (print)

Elusive Accord – Dandelion in a Vase of Roses anthology (print)

Yawning Stars – Dandelion in a Vase of Roses anthology (print)

Transcending Definitions – Dandelion in a Vase of Roses anthology (print)

Variations on a Theme – Dandelion in a Vase of Roses anthology (print)

Levee Breach – Dandelion in a Vase of Roses anthology (print)

Pantone 021– Whispers

Swift Moving Forecast – GloMag 

And Streets Lined with Gold – ELSiEiSY

Swift Moving Forecast – Dissident Voice

Learning How to Sing the Word – CTU Publishing

Another in the Urn – Piker Press

Funny How It Goes Sometimes – Dissident Voice

Bored with the Games of Chance – Dissident Voice

Drawn into the Circle – Infernal Ink Magazine (print)

Four Chamber Massage – Our Poetry Archive

Moderation Is More Important Than an SAT Score – Our Poetry Archive

High Fever – Our Poetry Archive

March 2017

Tongues – Duane’s PoeTree

Midnight Wonder/Wander – Communicators League

Taxing the System – Communicators League

Here’s the Bell – ELSiEiSY

Just to Be on the Safe Side – Dissident Voice

Manifesting Minutes All the While – Tuck Magazine

Burning down the Throne– Tuck Magazine 

Gardening – Dissident Voice

217 Poetic Points (abstract excerpts) – GloMag

Press Any Button … Go Boom – Dissident Voice

1,000 – Episteme

Beyond the Mist – Episteme

Scrambled Equation – Episteme

The Goddess Becomes a Ghost – Dime Show Review

As Miracles Pour from the Sky – Leaves of Ink

217 Poetic Points (ekphrastic excerpts) – Visual Verse

Shiver – Piker Press

Platitudes toward Paradise – CTU Publishing 

217 Poetic Points (political excerpts) – Dissident Voice

Comes the Budding – Medusa’s Kitchen

Shifting Winds – Medusa’s Kitchen

Torture Chamber – Medusa’s Kitchen

Lofty Is the Grace of God – Medusa’s Kitchen

Valhallian Excess – Medusa’s Kitchen

Stumbling toward Oblivion – Medusa’s Kitchen

Elusive – ELSiEiSY

February 2017

Split Wide, Writ Large – Dissident Voice

The Goddess and Dostoyevsky – The Poet’s Haven

Immunization – Leaves of Ink

Comes the Budding – Dissident Voice

Cracking a Path toward the Sun – The Blue Mountain Review

Packing a Punch – The Electronic Pamphlet

A Rage Most Sublime – The Electronic Pamphlet

Tripping on Daisies – Visual Verse

Transcending Definitions – (Afrikaans translation by Don Beukes)

Detoxification – (Afrikaans translation by Don Beukes) 

Charging through the Gates of Hallelujah – Piker Press

Holy Halo – ELSiEiSY

While We Weep – Dissident Voice

Red Zone – Webfootedness

Shaping the Final Dissolve – Horror Sleaze Trash

Suicidal March of the Worms – Horror Sleaze Trash

Style – Horror Sleaze Trash

Low Guard – Horror Sleaze Trash

37 – Horror Sleaze Trash

Steady Lungs – Whispers

Cold Water Theory – Cocktailmolly

Forcing the Issue – FishFood Magazine

Soured at First – FishFood Magazine

Tall Glass, Big Sip – Dissident Voice

Holy Halo – GloMag (print)

Magnetic Pulse – Indiana Voice Journal

Both Sides of the Same Soul – Indiana Voice Journal

Counting Stars – Indiana Voice Journal


Humming with the Angels – Dodging the Rain

Naked Dreams – Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine (print)

January 2017

Karmic Deliverance – Setu Magazine

Coughing Fit – Setu Magazine

French Riviera Romance – Setu Magazine

Nothing Never Sounded So Good – Setu Magazine

Red Zone – Nats Writings (featured poet)

Reconstruction – Dissident Voice

Chaos Calling – Torrid Literature Journal (print)

Detoxification – CTU Publishing

Humming with the Angels – Piker Press

Balance Act – Dissident Voice

Throwing My Hands in the Air – Stay Weird and Keep Writing

A Time for Everything – GloMag

Spinning Sensations – Dissident Voice

Roaring Remedy – Scarlet Leaf Review

You Open Every Portal – Scarlet Leaf Review

Stairway to Heaven – Scarlet Leaf Review

Slaughtered Stars – Scarlet Leaf Review

Hollow – Scarlet Leaf Review

Big Fuss– Visual Verse

Inside Job – Dissident Voice

Eye to Eye – Stanzaic Stylings

Eyes Wide Open – Dissident Voice

December 2016

As Miracles Pour from the Sky – Piker Press

An Effect to Affect – Dissident Voice

Some Call It Passion – The Poet’s Haven

Get It While It’s Hot – CTU Publishing

How Much Is That God in the Window? – Mad Swirl

Sky Light, Sky Bright – Visual Verse

Oxygen into Energy – Dissident Voice

Continuous Light – CTU Publishing

Even When Broken – Anti-Heroin Chic

A Fate Worse Than Death – Anti-Heroin Chic

Another in the Urn – Eunoia Review

Still They Flow – Dissident Voice

Finding the Right Dimensions – Leaves of Ink

Fairy Tale Apocalypse – Duane’s PoeTree

The Thirteenth Round – Caesura Journal (print)

Twilight of the Idols – Lucifer Magazine (print)

Bloodstained Visions – Lucifer Magazine (print)

Evolution Rising – Whispers

Singing on the Way to Our Grave – Dissident Voice

November 2016

Immunization – Dissident Voice

Return of the Fission – World Poetry Open Mic 2016 Anthology (print)

Particles of Transformation -World Poetry Open Mic 2016 Anthology (print)

Say Something, Say Anything, Say It All, Say It Now – WPOM (print)

Divine Intoxication – World Poetry Open Mic 2016 Anthology (print)

Deep Infatuation – World Poetry Open Mic 2016 Anthology (print)

Inheritance – GloMag

Deep Infatuation – Leaves of Ink

Picking up the Pieces – Dissident Voice

Transcending Definitions – Nacional Albanian newspaper (print)

Kiss of the Fall – CTU Publishing

Enter the Void/Embrace the Vision – BlazeVOX

Road to Damascus – BlazeVOX

Chew and Chew – BlazeVOX

A Moment to Mourn – BlazeVOX

Pants on Fire – BlazeVOX

Transcending Definitions – International Poetry (Albanian translation)

Transcending Definitions – International Poetry

Holy Halo – International Poetry (Albanian translation)

Holy Halo – International Poetry

Transcending Definitions – Agjencioni Floripress (Albanian translation)

Holy Halo – Agjencioni Floripress (Albanian translation)

As Miracles Pour from the Sky – Dissident Voice

Steady Lungs – Leaves of Ink

Written By the Whispers of the Wind – VerseWrights

When You Sing for Love – Whispers (collaboration with Irsa Ruci)

Painting Ourselves into Corners – Duane’s PoeTree

Sacred Soil – Praxis Magazine

One Last Sip – Dissident Voice

Expansive Salvation – The Poeming Pigeon (print)

October 2016

Written By the Whispers of the Wind – Dissident Voice

I Bring My Soul to You – Whispers (collaboration with Irsa Ruci)

Embers into Ash – Dime Show Review (print)

Spitting Image – Dissident Voice

The Star of Every Scene – GloMag

Bridging the Ancient Divide – Dissident Voice

Game/Set/Match – bear creek haiku #136 (print)

Curtain Drops -bear creek haiku #136 (print)

A Place of Respite – Shemom  #55 (print)

Finishing the Job – Shemom #55 (print)

The Only Fish That Ever Mattered – Shemom #55 (print)

Rewards of Reunion – Shemom #55 (print)

Time’s up – The Bees Are Dead

Red Zone – CTU Publishing

Planet B – Dissident Voice

Transcending Definitions – Agjencioni Floripress

Closer to the Core – Agjencioni Floripress

Safe Harbor – Agjencioni Floripress

Searching the Stars – Agjencioni Floripress

Green Eyes – Agjencioni Floripress

Expansive Salvation – Spirit Fire Review (Pushcart Prize Nominee)

Rush Hour – International Times

What a Day to Be Alive – Dissident Voice

Sunshine Song – CTU Publishing

Edging Nearer an Explosion – Culture Cult Magazine

The Distance between Us – Peeking Cat Poetry 2016 anthology (print)

September 2016

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000037_00006]

Chaos Songs – Weasel Press (Book)

Antidote – Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine (print)

Transcending Definitions – ELSiEiSY

Blind Justice Does Not Weep…but Rages – Dissident Voice

Expansive Salvation – Culture Cult Magazine (print)

Edging Nearer an Eruption – Culture Cult Magazine (print)

Hints of the Heart – Halcyon Days (print)

Split-Second Catastrophe – First Literary Review-East

Your Oxygen Expands Me – ELSiEiSY

Embracing the Fallout – Madness Muse Magazine

Divine Coupling of Hearts – Tuck Magazine (collaboration with Irsa Ruci)

Nesting – Tuck Magazine (collaboration with Irsa Ruci)

Age of Love – Tuck Magazine (collaboration with Irsa Ruci)



Shaky Ground – Dissident Voice

The Star of Every Scene – GloMag

Revelation Coronation – Episteme

Universal Equation – Espisteme

Ordo Ab Chao – International Times

Feudal Futility – Stay Weird and Keep Writing (print broadside)

Schism – Stay Weird and Keep Writing (print broadside)

A Kiss of Gold – ELSiEiSY

Rats on a Sinking Ship – Dissident Voice

Abandoned City – Stay Weird and Keep Writing

Unto the Generations – CTU Publishing

Heart of the Sun – Whispers

Coming of Age – Sick Lit Mag

Now – Sick Lit Mag

Exchange Rate – Dissident Voice

The Eternal Recurrence – The Fat Damsel

Sneaky Syndrome – International Times

August 2016

Happy Hour Hallelujah full

Happy Hour Hallelujah – CTU Publishing (Book)

Sending Signals to the Sky – A Quiet Courage

A Rage Most Sublime – SetuMag

No Cheek Left to Turn – SetuMag

Particles of Transformation – Dissident Voice

Truth – Lummox Press 2016 Anthology (print)

Focal Point – International Times

Go Back to Sleep – The Bees Are Dead

Revelations in the Marrow – Medusa’s Kitchen

Silent Storm – Medusa’s Kitchen

Schism – Medusa’s Kitchen

Rhythms of the Rain – Medusa’s Kitchen

Thousands upon Thousands – Medusa’s Kitchen

Undertow – Medusa’s Kitchen

High Sea Salvation – Visual Verse

Eye to Eye – Dissident Voice

Come and Conquered – International Times

Siren of the Sea – GloMag 

The Greatest of All Time – Dissident Voice

I’m a Genie in a Bottle, Baby – Dissident Voice

New Speak (Sowing Season) – Creative Talents Unleashed

Crash Course – ELSiEiSY

Getting to Yes at All Costs – Sentinel Literary Quarterly (print)

Snapshot of Eternity – Ink In Thirds (print)

July 2016

Sacramental Revelation – Stay Weird and Keep Writing

Knitting a Blanket of Evolution – Dissident Voice

Steady in the Storm – In So Many Words: Madness Muse Press (print)

Yawning Stars – In So Many Words: Madness Muse Press (print)

Request Denied – Cultured Vultures

Back to Basics – Cultured Vultures

Happy Hour Harbinger – Cultured Vultures

Detoxification – Coffee with Underhill (audio)

Turning the Cycle – ELSiEiSY

Say Something, Say Anything, Say It All, Say It Now – Dissident Voice

Searching for the Keys – ELSiEiSY

Kingdom of Chaos – Social Justice Poetry

Blood and Tears – Cavalcade of Stars

A Field of Dreams – Whispers

Served with a Silver Spoon – Dissident Voice

Stuck in the Middle with You – Millennium Poets & Poems Anthology (print)

God, Love, Truth, Light – Nacional (Albanian newspaper)

Expansive Salvation – Nacional (Albanian newspaper)

361 Nacional - 5 poems translated by Irsa Rucci

Yawning Stars – Nacional (Albanian newspaper)

But – Nacional (Albanian newspaper)

Revelations in the Marrow – Nacional (Albanian newspaper)

High Tide Hallelujah – GloMag

Deep Infatuation – Dissident Voice

Cannot Be Deciphered – ELSiEiSY

Embers into Ash – Dime Show Review

Fool’s Gold – The Piker Press

The Price Is Right– Dissident Voice

Water into Wine – Leaves of Ink

Can I Borrow Some Sugar – Stay Weird and Keep Writing

Prerequisite Conditions – The Beatnik Cowboy

June 2016

Alpha Point Apocalypse – The Seventh Quarry (print)

Howling into the Fade – Degenerate Literature

Manufactured Chaos – Setu Magazine

Reduce to Base – Setu Magazine

Made from Scratch – Setu Magazine

Fairy Tale Apocalypse – Setu Magazine

Minor Distractions – Setu Magazine

Patience, Perspective, Perseverance – ELSiEiSY

This Little Piggy – Dissident Voice

Kisses and Curses – International Times

Begging the Question – International Times

Losing Some Battles, Winning the War – Zombie Logic Review

A Promise to Be Gentle – Zombie Logic Review

May the Force Be with You – Zombie Logic Review

The Final Ace – Zombie Logic Review

Voyaging Inward – Leaves of Ink

Sunshine Song – CTU Poetic Melodies anthology (print)

Celestial Crescendo – CTU Poetic Melodies anthology (print)

Saucy Salvation – Yellow Chair Review

Global Initiative – Dissident Voice

Still Shot – Visual Verse

Both Sides of a Broken Bed– Morpheus Magazine

One Night Pass – VerseWrights (audio)

On Being Real – Stay Weird and Keep Writing Publishing (print broadside)

A Steady Resolve – Scarlet Leaf Review

Naked Dreams – Scarlet Leaf Review

Shuttering Lens – Scarlet Leaf Review

Woven Garden – GloMag

Suicidal March of the Worms – The Bees Are Dead

We Interrupt This Broadcast – Dissident Voice

Prerequisite Conditions – Nibstears: Justice before Peace anthology

A Steady Resolve – Nibstears: Justice before Peace anthology

Weep Not…but Dance Hard – International Times

Rhythm – Duane’s PoeTree

Screaming with the Tide – The Piker Press

Life Is a Cruise…Not a Car Crash – Leaves of Ink

Symphonic Attunement – Dissident Voice

Opening Move – Haikuniverse

Roaring into a Calm – Dead Snakes

Sucking Vapors – Dead Snakes

Scary Story – Dead Snakes

May 2016

Obligatory First Question – Dissident Voice

Poetic Points – 2015 Storm Cycle Anthology (print)

Some Aren’t Poisonous – 2015 Storm Cycle Anthology (print)

Stand down Shakedown – Dissident Voice

A River without End – Tuck Magazine

The Good Old Days – Tuck Magazine

Resignation/Transcendence – Whispers

Spilling Salvation – Immagine & Poesia

Empty Electronic – Sick Lit Mag

But – Sick Lit Mag

Still Haunted – Sick Lit Mag

The Second Coming/Don’t Choke – Sick Lit Mag

Easy Does It – Sick Lit Mag

One Hundred Pennies per Hour – Dissident Voice

A Perfect Rage – GloMag

Whipped – Slim Volume: See into the Dark (print)

Sweet Explosion – The Piker Press

Variations on a Theme – The Commonline Journal

Equal and Opposite Force…to the Nth – Dissident Voice

Gilded Illumination – Visual Verse

Kill the Lights – Dead Snakes

Come and Conquered – Dead Snakes

Levee Breach – Dead Snakes

Waking up to the Smell of Smoke – Dissident Voice

April 2016

Painting Ourselves into Corners – Longsword

The Passage – Longsword

Transcending Definitions – Dissident Voice

Fervent Proclamations – Lunaris Review

Priming the Pump for a Fire – The Poeming Pigeon (print)

Elusive Accord – The Piker Press

Let It Be – Dissident Voice

Game Day Heartache – Torrid Literature Journal (print)

The Swarm – Full of Crow

Making It up as We Go – Full of Crow

Looking for a Cherry – Venus in Scorpio

Pulpit – Venus in Scorpio

Heart-Shaped Phoenix – Venus in Scorpio

Sloppy Regression – Dissident Voice

Comes the Vision – KNOT Magazine

Stare – KNOT Magazine

Sing Along – KNOT Magazine

Dualistic Dance/Trance Mirgration – Visual Verse

Spring Cleaning – Dissident Voice

Blue Light Special – Duane’s PoeTree

Adorned as an Angel/Betrayed with a Bite – UFO Gigolo

Long Division – Mad Swirl

Such a Novel Concept – Dead Snakes

Adorned as an Angel/Betrayed with a Bite – Dead Snakes

Painting Ourselves into Corners – Dead Snakes

Violent Cycles – Infernal Ink Magazine (print)

Manifesting the Monster – Infernal Ink Magazine (print)

March 2016

Canceled Check – Vagabonds: Anthology of the Mad Ones (print)

This Message Will Self Destruct – Anti-Heroin Chic

Better off Buried – Anti-Heroin Chic

Involving Tongue and Blood – Eunoia Review

Frenzied Veins Scorched with a Fever – Dissident Voice

Prelude to a Reunion – The Stray Branch (print)

Laid to Rest – The Stray Branch (print)

Bought and Sold – The Stray Branch (print)

One Night Pass – Contemporary Literary Review India

Numbed to the Procedure – Hash n’ Pumpkins

Fervent Proclamations – Mused: BellaOnline Literary Review

Have Faith…but Avoid Falling Rocks – Dissident Voice

Aquarius Dreaming – Pittsburgh Poetry Houses (print)

Hot Breath of a Primal Yes – Leaves of Ink

Bring the Noise – PUSH (print)

Atlas Curtsied – Tigershark Magazine (print)

Jarred Loose – Tigershark Magazine (print)

Merrily – Tigershark Magazine (print)

Empty Nest – Episteme

Gazing into the Future – Episteme

To Rest – Episteme

The Camel’s Back – Futures Trading: Anthology Three (print)

Animal – Moonlight Dreamers of Yellow Haze (print)

Walking in the Dark – Moonlight Dreamers of Yellow Haze (print)

Elusive – Moonlight Dreamers of Yellow Haze (print)

Methodology – Moonlight Dreamers of Yellow Haze (print)

God’s Opera – Moonlight Dreamers of Yellow Haze (print)

It’s a Money Thing – Dissident Voice

Creating Space – Whispers

Focal Point – Leaves of Ink

Sour Grapes – The Piker Press

Going up, Coming down – The Seventh Quarry (print)

Weighing It out – The Seventh Quarry (print)

Power to the People – Dissident Voice

Come Fire – Visual Verse

Just Enough – Duane’s PoeTree

Stockholm Syndrome – The Angry Manifesto (print)

Anarchic Breakfast – The Angry Manifesto (print)

Seven Horns – Unbroken Journal

Sneaky Syndrome – Dead Snakes

Covering the Gamut – Dead Snakes

Suck It up, Buttercup – Dead Snakes

February 2016

Kingdom of Chaos – Nibstears Poetry Anthology 

Lit Sky – Vagabonds

Buddha Nature…with a Big Stick – Dissident Voice

A Little Spot to Call One’s Own – Five 2 One Magazine (print)

Kingdom of Chaos – Nibstears (poem of the month)

Toxic Insomnia Revelations – Medusa’s Kitchen

Blue Light Special – Medusa’s Kitchen

Cheap Parchment – Medusa’s Kitchen

Just Enough – Medusa’s Kitchen

The Eternal Recurrence – Medusa’s Kitchen

28 Pages (Cheers) – Dissident Voice

Screaming with the Tide – The Blue Mountain Review

Just Add Water – The Blue Mountain Review

Detoxification – Notes From The Edge 2016 Chapbook (print)

Abdicating the Throne – Indiana Voice Journal

A Sliver of Salvation – Indiana Voice Journal

Prioritizing the Itinerary -VerseWrights

Ask Not – experiential-experimental-literature

Conversation Killer – Scarlet Leaf Review

Wind, Rain, Shiver – Scarlet Leaf Review

Silverfish – Scarlet Leaf Review

Beyond Comprehension – Scarlet Leaf Review

Stand Down (A Not so Subtle Warning) – Dissident Voice

A Bitter Pill to Swallow – Dissident Voice

Silverfish – The Poet’s Haven

Bloody Where the War Is Waged – Visual Verse

And Justice for All – Your One Phone Call

Oblivion on Display – Duane’s PoeTree

Signing Off – The Poet Community

Focal Point – Dead Snakes

Variations on a Theme – Dead Snakes

Larger View – Dead Snakes

That Man on the Street – Cultured Vultures (2nd Place)

January 2016

Elusive Accord – Anti-Heroin Chic

The Eternal Recurrence – Anti-Heroin Chic

Confrontational Anniversary – Dissident Voice

The Marrow – Tuck Magazine

Bird Song – Tuck Magazine

Sweet Explosion – Fauna Quarterly

Lightning Rod – Asian Signature

Revelations in the Marrow – Asian Signature

360 – Asian Signature

Simple Sojourn – Asian Signature

Seeking Solace – Cavalcade of Stars

Resistance to Help – Cavalcade of Stars

Acidic Cycles/Meltdown Fever – Dissident Voice

Dirty Counter – Napalm and Novocain

To the Fascist Fundamentalist Editor – Yellow Chair Review (print)

The Bearded Woman – Your One Phone Call

Oblivion on Display – Creative Talents Unleashed

Barfly – Green Panda Press (print)

Sunshine Song – Whispers

A Forest of One – Inwood Indiana (print)

Satiating Urges – Inwood Indiana (print)

Kingdom of Chaos – Dissident Voice

Where I Keep My Lighter – Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine

Cyber Crush – The Literary Nest

Dancing Where My Plot Will Lie – Eunoia Review

Water into Wine – Visual Verse

My First Haiku – High Coupe

Light Switch – High Coupe

Rainy Night – High Coupe

A Lingering Breath – High Coupe

A Dignified Smile – Duane’s PoeTree

Covering the Gamut – Dissident Voice

Predator – Your One Phone Call

Bend but Don’t Break – Dark Matter Journal

Wherever It May Go – Poets International

A Little Piece of Paradise – Poets International

The Thin Line – Poets International

Turning the Cycle – Poets International

Untucked – Poets International

Thus Spoke the Grave Digger – Poets International

House Rules – Poets International

The Blind Leading the Blind – Poets International

Lacking Voice – Cavalcade of Stars

Platitudes toward Paradise – Cavalcade of Stars

One Night Pass – UFO Gigolo

Ostracize the Ostriches – Dead Snakes

One Night Pass – Dead Snakes

Soft Comes the Night with Its Weeping – Dead Snakes

Begging the Question – Dissident Voice

Burning Questions – Poems and Poetry

eh? – Unbroken Journal

December 2015

Songs of a Dissident (Final Cropped)

Songs of a Dissident – Transcendent Zero Press (Book)

The Tab – Mad Swirl

Elusive – Little Eagle’s RE / VERSE

Last Dance – Horror Sleaze Trash

A Cross of Brokenness and Suffering – Dissident Voice

From Whence It Came – Mused: BellaOnline Literary Review

Inheriting the Earth – Mused: BellaOnline Literary Review

Open for Business – Mused: BellaOnline Literary Review

Salve – Leaves of Ink

The Camel’s Back – Straight Forward Poetry

Big League Entrance (Huuuuuge) – Dissident Voice

Truth – Creative Talents Unleashed

Summing up the World’s Problems – The Kitchen Poet

Bootstraps – The Kitchen Poet

Violent Carnage – The Kitchen Poet

Split Second – The Kitchen Poet

Karma Lurking – The Kitchen Poet

Steady in the Storm – The Peregrine Muse

To and Fro – The Peregrine Muse

Animal – The Peregrine Muse

Elusive – The Peregrine Muse

Walking in the Dark – The Peregrine Muse

Primal Priorities – The Peregrine Muse

Methodology – The Peregrine Muse

God’s Opera – The Peregrine Muse

Cheap Parchment – The Poet Community

Dinner for Two – Duane’s PoeTree

What I Want for Christmas – VerseWrights

Burns Hot for Evolution – Eskimo Pie

Weep – Eskimo Pie

Screaming for Reprieve – Eskimo Pie

The Coming Cull (Engineered Chaos) – Dissident Voice

Succumb – Leaves of Ink

On Public School Slime – SpinRock Reader Lit Forum

Focal Point – Dissident Voice

Mixology – Winamop

Cheap Date – Winamop

Snip, Snip – Winamop

Testing a Theory – Visual Verse

Stoic through the Storm – The Word Ocean

Atlantis Reborn – The Word Ocean

Brace for Impact – The Word Ocean

Larger View – The Word Ocean

Shattered Moments – Dead Snakes

Seeking (in Vain) for the Answer – Dead Snakes

November 2015

Homecoming – Whispers

Sneaky Syndrome – Dissident Voice

Kiss of the Phoenix – First Literary Review-East

An Urge toward Absolution – The Poet Community

The Swarm – Poetic Diversity

Excerpts from One Hundred Poetic Points – Slink Chunk Press

Nigh – Duane’s PoeTree

The Vault – The Poet Community

Toxic Insomnia Revelations – Dissident Voice

Thus Spoke the Grave Digger – Least Bittern Books

Variations on a Theme – Void Magazine (print)

Sweet Dreams – Slim Volume: This Body I Live In (print)

Hanging Dead upon the Tree of Life – The Thumb Print

Naked Embrace – The Thumb Print

Ignorance Is Bliss – The Thumb Print

The Greedy Grasp – The Thumb Print

Creating Space – The Thumb Print

Waiting It Out – The Thumb Print

Sitting Pretty – Piker Press

Imminent Confrontations – SpinRock Reader Lit Forum

Seeking (in Vain) for the Answer – Dissident Voice

Manifestations of Heat – Clockwise Cat

The Camel’s Back – Futures Trading

As of Yet – The Poet Community

Rush Hour – Come and Take It Zine

Up and Down – Random Poem Tree

Tricks of the Trade – Dissident Voice

Time’s Up – WritingRaw

Under the Sign – WritingRaw

Backseat Driver – WritingRaw

Honorable Mention – Three Line Thursday

Sunshine Song – Lunar Lit Poetry Page

Each and Every Breath – Indiana Voice Journal

Renewal Song – Indiana Voice Journal

Revelations in the Marrow – Indiana Voice Journal

God, Love, Truth, and Light – Eunoia Review

Censored – Tuck Magazine

Lightning Rod – Tuck Magazine

System Shift – Medusa’s Kitchen

Pillar of Salt – Medusa’s Kitchen

Bloody Genes – Medusa’s Kitchen

No Free Passes – Medusa’s Kitchen

Creeping Wantonness – Medusa’s Kitchen

Still Birth – Medusa’s Kitchen

Red Dawn – Visual Verse

The Great Purge – Dead Snakes

Smelted Blood – Dissident Voice

Raw Electric Waves – Fauna Quarterly

The Camel’s Back – Words Surfacing

Orbs – Words Surfacing

Good Clean Living – Verse-Virtual

October 2015

Dancing Where My Plot Will Lie – Vine Figure Poetry Page

Cotton Candy Kiss of Cancer – The Commonline Journal

Whimper – Digging Through The Fat

What a Difference an Hour Makes – Rocket Boy Poetry Page

Ash to Ash – Dissident Voice

Sucking Vapors – Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine

3,2,1… – Dead Snakes

Give a Little, Take a Lot – Piker Press

Sacrificial Communion – Mad Swirl

Hot Breath of a Primal Yes – Dissident Voice

To Patrick – Tangerine Heart Poetry Zine

Junkie Fever Fatalism – The Gambler Mag

Quarterly Questions – Poems and Poetry

Ink Blot – Lunar Lit Poetry Page

Solution Oriented – SpinRock Reader Lit

Bad News Travels Fast – Dissident Voice

Chameleon – Literary Orphans

Small Doses – Novelmasters

Crowned – Novelmasters

Scales and Signs – Novelmasters

Anarchic Breakfast – Rusted Rose Poetry Forum

Rope-A-Dope – The Creativity Webzine

A Shift, A Sneeze, A Spin around the Cycle – The Creativity Webzine

Daring the Impossible – Dissident Voice

Third Place – Three Line Thursday

Creature Comforts – Visual Verse

Animal – Calliope Magazine

A Heavy Yawn of Vomited Evolution – Yellow Chair Review

Homeward Bound – Verse-Virtual

Perspective – Verse-Virtual

Memorabilia – Verse-Virtual

September 2015

Make It Count – The Fat Damsel

Tidal Ignition – Belle Reve Literary Journal

Campaign of Confusion – Piker Press

Breakfast in Bed – Nothing. No One. Nowhere. (print)

Swept Away by the Sands of Innocent Ruminations – N.N.N (print)

A Season of Sowing – Dissident Voice

And Streets Lines with Gold – Poetry Life & Times

Sponge Squeeze in a Twisted Terrain – Of/with

Multiplying through Ancient Division – Of/with

One Way Path – Tuck Magazine

Kaleidoscopic Wonderland – Halcyon Magazine

Silver Waves in the Night – Dead Snakes

Be Still, My Exploding Heart – Dead Snakes

Facts of the Matter – Dissident Voice

A Shift, A Sneeze, A Spin Around the Cycle – Indian Periodical

Rest Easy – Sleeve Lit Mag

Sharp Note – Midnight Lane Boutique

Point of No Return – Midnight Lane Boutique

Lockstep Thunder – Midnight Lane Boutique

Positive Vibes (off-key) – Extreme Writing Community

Back into the Blue – Extreme Writing Community

A Forest of One – The Song is…

Nothing Else – The Song is…

Revelations in the Marrow – The Song is…

Lung Capacity – The Song is…

Hype – The Song is…

Flash Point – The Song is…

Six into Seven – experiential-experimental-literature

Illusive Abstractions – Zaira Journal (print only)

Left Wondering – Whispers

Stoic through the Storm – Dissident Voice

Here and There – Viral Cat

Courage up the Sleeve – Leaves of Ink

Inheriting the Earth – Section 8 Magazine (print only)

A Maelstrom of Chaos – Saudade Magazine (print only)

Setting Sights – Visual Verse

90 Day Ride – VerseWrights

The Thin Line – The Poet Community

Wake-up Call – Dissident Voice

Bend but Don’t Break – Literary Yard

Beware the Webs – Literary Yard

Tease – Synesthesia Literary Journal

When I Think About (Insert Politician Here) – WritingRaw

Bread and Circus – WritingRaw

Violent Carnage – WritingRaw

In a Blaze of Glory – Exercise Bowler

In the Spirit of the Night – Contemporary Poets

Summing up the World’s Problems – Contemporary Poets

Ignorance is Bliss – Contemporary Poets

Toasting the gods – Poetry Life & Times

Rue the Day – Aberration Labyrinth

Resigning to the Facts – Dead Snakes

Insomnia – Your One Phone Call

Whistling Dixie – Unbroken Journal

August 2015

In Too Deep – Piker Press

A Poem about a Book That Has yet to Be Written – Visceral Uterus

Same Old Song and Dance – Dissident Voice

Venom Laced Jackal Fangs – The Angry Manifesto (print only)

Midnight Halo – Dead Snakes

Kicking up Dirt – Social Justice Poetry

Ballerina of the Sky – Kind of a Hurricane Press (2014 Storm Cycle anthology)

Ode to the First Cigarette of the Day – Dissident Voice

Pure Bliss – Whispers

Lend a Hand – The Poet Community

Conditioning – The Bond Street Review

The Big Puzzle – The Bond Street Review

Bigger Bang for the Buck – Dead Snakes

Steady in the Storm – The Fat Damsel

In a Nutshell – Your One Phone Call

Poisoned Dairy – Mad Swirl

The Great Purge – Dissident Voice

Taking Measure – Eunoia Review

Bread and Circus – Dead Snakes

A Sky of Thorns – Dead Snakes

Truth – Nazar Look

The Way It Is – Nazar Look

Elusive – Nazar Look

A Brief Respite – The Poet Community

Satiating Urges – Tuck Magazine

Sleep in the Bed That You Made – Tuck Magazine

Assaulted from Above – The Voices Project

…with Slavery and Debt for All – Dissident Voice

Skin Crawl – Poetry Quarterly (Summer 2015 print edition)

Alpha Point Apocalypse – Syzygy Poetry Journal

Schism – Syzygy Poetry Journal

Simple Measures – Syzygy Poetry Journal

Buzzing Revelation – Syzygy Poetry Journal

Springs Eternal – Syzygy Poetry Journal

Bloody on Both Ends – Rasputin

Private Viewing – Rasputin

Mr. Rosy – Rasputin

Back Down to Earth – Social Justice Poetry

Hanging Dead upon the Tree of Life – Dead Snakes

One Note at a Time – Visual Verse

The Masochist – Your One Phone Call

Salve – Piker Press

Fade to… – Dissident Voice

Yawning Stars – A Long Story Short

Orange Crush Paradise – Sonic Boom

Rush Hour – Indiana Voice Journal

Yawning Stars – Indiana Voice Journal

Fill in the Blanks – Indiana Voice Journal

Kittens and Cupcakes – Yellow Chair Review

July 2015

Naked Embrace – The Poet Community

Ignorance Is Bliss – The Poet Community

Divine Education – Dead Snakes

Where the Ugly Things Go to Die – Dead Snakes

Know Thy Purpose, Draw Thy Weapon – Dissident Voice

Three-Legged Dog – Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine

Erupting Tide – Ygdrasil

Held Lovingly – Ygdrasil

Turning the Cycle – Section 8 Magazine (print)

A New Obsession – Section 8 Magazine (print)

The Way It Is – Your One Phone Call

Murder Inc. – Dissident Voice

Burns Hot for Evolution – Harbinger Asylum (print)

July 11/12 – experiential-experimental-literature

A Song unto the Ages – Medusa’s Kitchen

Comes the Omega with the Dawn – Medusa’s Kitchen

Bring a Blowtorch – Medusa’s Kitchen

Fleeting – Medusa’s Kitchen

Harvest the Summer – Medusa’s Kitchen

There is Nothing More to Say – Medusa’s Kitchen

Unto the Silence – The Poet Community

Early Reports – Horror, Sleaze & Trash

From Humble Beginnings – Horror, Sleaze & Trash

Veritas – Horror, Sleaze & Trash

Enter the Rose – Horror, Sleaze & Trash

Who Have You Been Kissing – Leaves of Ink

Needle on Empty – Dissident Voice

A Song unto the Ages – Indian Periodical

Broke His Crown – Social Justice Poetry

Backseat Driver – Dead Snakes

Beyond the Pale – Dead Snakes

For Some – Whispers

Censored – The Poet Community

Ignite the System – Aphelion

To the Fascist Fundamentalist Editor – Yellow Chair Review (weekly feature)

A Difference in Degree – Dissident Voice

Entropy and Evolution – A New Ulster

Homecoming – A New Ulster

Fluttering – A New Ulster

Detoxification – A New Ulster

Stand Aside– Black Mirror Magazine

A Simple Man – Black Mirror Magazine

One Last Time Forever – The Poet Community

Sweet Assurances – Visual Verse

The Sadist Cometh – The Screech Owl

3,2,1… – Burningword Literary Journal

To the Fascist Fundamentalist Editor – Yellow Chair Review

June 2015

Front Page – Social Justice Poetry

Maple Syrup Sex Appeal – Cultured Vultures

For Whom the Bell Lies – Dissident Voice

A Good Hard Look – Poems and Poetry

Some Poems Are More Serious Than Others – Everest Magazine

Detox Avenue – Dead Snakes

Fleeting – Dead Snakes

Last Laugh – Dead Snakes

Crazy Chicken Voodoo – The Screech Owl

Kicking Up Dirt – Dissident Voice

Yawning Stars – The Fat Damsel

Come and Conquered – Social Justice Poetry

Eternally and Forever – The Screech Owl

Jukebox Blues – Clockwise Cat

A New Attraction – Poems and Poetry

Tortoise and the Hare – Tuck Magazine

I Would Change the Title – Tuck Magazine

Trump Hand – Poems-for-All (1294)

Survival Instincts – Dead Snakes

Et tu – Dead Snakes

Collapsing Organs – Dead Snakes

Campaign of Confusion – Dissident Voice

Pry into the Blood – Yellow Chair Review

On Being Real – The Tower Journal

Primal Priorities – The Poet Community

R.I.S. – The Screech Owl

Tired Chasm – Dead Snakes

Inevitable – Mad Swirl

Balance Points – Poems and Poetry

Sitting Pretty – Dissident Voice

A Friendly Reminder – The Poet Community

Learning to Sing the Word – Medusa’s Kitchen

Heart of Hearts – Medusa’s Kitchen

Kind of – Medusa’s Kitchen

Facing the Cycle – Medusa’s Kitchen

Left Wondering – Poems and Poetry

Selling Out Cheap – The Screech Owl

Crossroads – Belle Reve Literary Review

Do Not Answer – Belle Reve Literary Review

And Streets Lined with Gold – Belle Reve Literary Review

No Time for Worries – Belle Reve Literary Review

The Marrow – Dead Snakes

A Mouth Full of Ashes – Dead Snakes

Taking Measure – Enclave

Substance vs. Style – Visual Verse

So Good It Hurts – Exercise Bowler

Early Morning Thoughts after a Great Date – Calliope Magazine

May 2015

Eat Your Crow – Fish Food Magazine

Etcetera – Fish Food Magazine

Gag Order – Fish Food Magazine

Just Enough to Squeak by – Dissident Voice

Emergence – Poems and Poetry

Flows Freely – Dead Snakes

Absolute Void – Dead Snakes

Detoxification – Dead Snakes

Bite Back – The Bitchin’ Kitsch

Decisions, Decisions – Poems and Poetry

Maybe in the Next Age – Leaves of Ink

Learning to Sing the Word – Dissident Voice

Enter the Rose – VerseWrights

So Sorry for the Regrets – Poems and Poetry

Intersection – Tuck Magazine

Upon a Star – Tuck Magazine

Swelling Gills – Dead Snakes

Cut Short – Dead Snakes

Safe – Poems and Poetry

Driving the Swine Back Home – Dissident Voice

International Fallout – Social Justice Poetry

Collapse – Dead Snakes

Crusted and Cracking – Dead Snakes

Sucked Dry – Social Justice Poetry

Going through the Motions – Poems and Poetry

Melee – Yellow Chair Review

The Things That Go Unspoken – Dissident Voice

Test Tube – UFO Gigolo

A New Obsession – Section 8 Magazine

Turning the Cycle – Section 8 Magazine

Ripped, Shredded, and Ready to Go – Illya’s Honey

High/Low – Crack the Spine

Feigning Ignorance – Poems and Poetry

Trump Hand – Degenerates: Voices for Peace

Front Page – Dissident Voice

Gone to Pot – Visual Verse

The Low Down Dirty Blues – Dead Snakes

Vomited – Dead Snakes

Futurist Spring – Snapping Twig

Crash Course – WritingRaw

So We Might As Well Dance – WritingRaw

Burning Rags – WritingRaw

Big Shark – WritingRaw

Drain Until Complete – WritingRaw

April 2015

90 Day Ride – The Writer’s Monthly Review

Illusive Abstractions – Poems and Poetry

On Public School Slime – Social Justice Poetry

Breaking Point – The Poet Community

The Differences Between Us – Oddball Magazine

Keeping the Calf This Time – The Open Mouse

One More Moment in Time – Leaves of Ink

Direct Line – Dissident Voice

New Chapter, New Verse – Peeking Cat Poetry

Escaping the Web – Your One Phone Call

Fertile Skyline Salvation – The Commonline Journal

Back to Back – Dead Snakes

Yawning Stars – Dissident Voice

Dissolving – Poems and Poetry

Sensitive – Culture Trend

Its a Number’s Game – The Poet Community

Reboot in the Blood – Dissident Voice

Venom Laced Jackal Fangs – Social Justice Poetry

5 * Dining – Venus in Scorpio

Publicity Pulse – Venus in Scorpio

Irony Unintended – Poems and Poetry

For Some – Dead Snakes

Still Birth – Dead Snakes

I Am Not Conquered – Tuck Magazine

On Knowing When to Stop – Tuck Magazine

The Hand That Torches – The Bitchin’ Kitsch

Blind Idolization – Walking Is Still Honest

Epiphanic Bliss – Cultured Vultures

Points 38 and 42 from One Hundred Poetic Points – Indefinite Spaces (print)

Ordo Ab Chao – Dissident Voice

Like a Thief in the Night – Your One Phone Call

Long Term Agenda – Black Mirror Magazine

Bled Tongue – Black Mirror Magazine

Easter Seafood Fetish – Visual Verse

Direct Correlation – The Poet Community

Covered over but Not Forgotten – Ygdrasil

Angel of Mercy – Ygdrasil

A Genesis Story – Hobo Camp Review

March 2015

From Whence It Came – Muddy River Poetry Review

Played This Game Before – Poems and Poetry

It’s a Power Thing – Social Justice Poetry

Red Lips – Horror, Sleaze and Trash

Corruption – Horror, Sleaze and Trash

Holes in the Hive – Horror, Sleaze and Trash

‘Tis the Season – Horror, Sleaze and Trash

Elusive – Wilderness House Literary Review

Truth – Wilderness House Literary Review

Homeward Bound – Wilderness House Literary Review

A Primal Roar – Of/With

The Enemy of My Enemy – Expound

Blood and Urine – Expound

Crane the Neck, Bow the Back, Get on with the Show – Expound

System Malfunction – Expound

Memorabilia – Eye on Life Magazine

Adrenaline – Eye on Life Magazine

What I Want for Christmas – Eye on Life Magazine

Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be – The Poet Community

Without Answer – Poems and Poetry

Shifting Rhythms of the Symphony – Halcyon Magazine

Point Blank Dreariness – Dead Snakes

On the Prowl – Mad Swirl

Chasing the Dragon – Dissident Voice

Blooming Like Winter – Poems and Poetry

Taking Measure of the Situation – Social Justice Poetry

Whatever Works for Ya – The Screech Owl

Karmic Feeding Frenzy – Harbinger Asylum (print only)

A Whispered Sacrifice – Harbinger Asylum (print only)

System Shift – Dead Snakes

Date Night – Dead Snakes

Poetic Points (12-21) – The Mind[less] Muse

Ain’t That Sweet – Cultured Vultures

Gambling at the Highest Stakes– Straylight Literary Magazine

The Karmic Scales of Deliverance – Leaves of Ink

Status Seeking – The Poet Community

Silly Goose – Dissident Voice

Nuclear Bomb in the Mainframe – Record

My Niece and the Dream Catcher – VerseWrights

Render Unto – VerseWrights

What a Lame New Age – VerseWrights

Visions – VerseWrights

Pillar of Salt – The Screech Owl

Camelot – Dead Snakes

House Rules – Social Justice Poetry

Completing the Revolution – The Poet Community

On Public School Slime – Creative Resistance

Abort – Poetry Quarterly (Winter 2014) print only

Seven Layered Gifts from Heaven – Dali’s Lovechild

Hollow and Empty – Poems and Poetry

On Public School Slime – Dissident Voice

Prioritizing the Problems – Indiana Voice Journal

Methodology – Indiana Voice Journal

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry – Indiana Voice Journal

Inherited Throne – Dead Snakes

From out the Silence…Light – Jotters United

Exhausted Rhythms – Jotters United

Smooth Sailing across the Divide – Jotters United

Ever On – The Stare’s Nest

Wherever It May Go – Poems and Poetry

Waiting for Its Turn – Poetry Life & Times

Shattered Moments – Novelmasters

Broken Evolution – Novelmasters

Bay Bridge – Novelmasters

Wagering Early in the A.M. – The Screech Owl

True Meaning – The Poet Community

The Brahman Spirit – Tuck Magazine

Flipping the Switch – Tuck Magazine

Excerpts from One Hundred Poetic Points (60-64) – ex-ex-lit

Moving On – Inwood Indiana (print only)

Broken Chalice – Visual Verse

The Blind Leading the Blind – Dead Snakes

Giving in to the Beast – Aphelion

Until the Next Fall – Exercise Bowler

Demolition Days – Dissident Voice

February 2015

Detaching from the Fall – Uut Poetry

Bloody Genes – Record

The Kingdom – The Screech Owl

To Each Its Own – Social Justice Poetry

Cutting the Circle – Dead Snakes

Daily Bread – Dead Snakes

Freak Out – Poems and Poetry

Thus Spoke the Grave Digger – The Poet Community

Some Aren’t Poisonous – Napalm and Novocain

When I Think About (Insert Politician Here) – Dissident Voice

13 – Your One Phone Call

Count to Ten – Leaves of Ink

Get Me Out of Here/Now – Dead Snakes

Musings on a Joke System – Dead Snakes

Proper Portions – Dead Snakes

Surreal Anniversary – Medusa’s Kitchen

Perspective – Medusa’s Kitchen

Inheritance – Medusa’s Kitchen

Homeward Bound – Medusa’s Kitchen

Prelude to a Reunion – Medusa’s Kitchen

Driving Till Dawn – Pink Litter

Trust Not, Lest Ye Be Buried – WTF (print only)

Sweet Sexy Mythology – Black-Listed Magazine

Taoist Shit – Black-Listed Magazine

It’s All so Stupid – Black-Listed Magazine

A Gnashing – The Screech Owl

Pied Piper – Social Justice Poetry

Satiating Needs – Venus in Scorpio

Untitled – Three Line Poetry

The Old College Try – Visceral Uterus

No Free Passes – Poems and Poetry

Righteous Regression – The Poet Community

Summer, Winter, — – Eskimo Pie

House Rules – Dissident Voice

Pressurized Gravity – The VGP Literate

Excerpts from One-Hundred Poetic Points – New Mystics

Rhythm – Tuck Magazine

Fallen –  Tuck Magazine

Zodiac Chakra – The Screech Owl

Giving in to the Beast – Record

The Ways of the Flesh – 1947 Journal

Amnesic Paradise – Poems and Poetry

Inheriting the Earth – Social Justice Poetry

A Lonely, Lonely Vista – Crab Fat Magazine

Places & Names – Dissident Voice

Health and Happiness – The Poet Community

Apocalyptic Eagle – Section 8 Magazine

The Great Divide – Section 8 Magazine

No Time Left To Pray – Section 8 Magazine

God’s Opera – Your One Phone Call

Sacrificial Confusions – Dead Snakes

8-Track – Midnight Lane Boutique

Top-Down – Midnight Lane Boutique

Warm Halo – Midnight Lane Boutique

Soiled Intentions – Midnight Lane Boutique

Faded Glory – Midnight Lane Boutique

The Homeless Revelation – Midnight Lane Boutique

Renaissance Theory – Midnight Lane Boutique

Choke Hold Gag Reflex – Poems and Poetry

Subtle Shades – The Poet Community

Tricks in the Night – The Screech Owl

Ballerina of the Sky – Helix Magazine (print only)

Painting on the Walls of a Prison – Visual Verse

Illusive Abstractions – Aphelion

Paramour in Paradise – Siren

Raid – Dissident Voice

Ash to Ash – Black Mirror Magazine

Calm, Cool and Collected – Black Mirror Magazine

January 2015

To and Fro – Dead Snakes

Silly Rabbit – Mad Swirl

An Ode to McKenna – UFO Gigolo

When the Fix Comes – The Screech Owl

Make It Count – Record-Magazine

Thus Spoke the Grave Digger – Record-Magazine

Untucked – The Poet Community

A Return to Glory – Dead Snakes

Mafia Empire – Social Justice Poetry

Feudal Futility – Dissident Voice

Excerpts from One Hundred Poetic Points – Experiential-Experimental-Literature

Written in the Stars – UFO Gigolo

Lost and Found – UFO Gigolo

The Demon in the Door – UFO Gigolo

Racing for the Cure – Corner Club Press

Turning the Cycle – Dead Snakes

The Churning Guts – Walking Is Still Honest

Crystalline Fur – Dissident Voice

In the Graveyard – Section 8 Magazine

It All Ends the Same Way – Section 8 Magazine

In Tao I Trust – Section 8 Magazine

Pull Up a Seat – Section 8 Magazine

Like Unto Like – Section 8 Magazine

Have a Little Faith – Leaves of Ink

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Three Part Harmony – Dissident Voice

14 thoughts on “Poems

  1. What great month for you!

    Your poem in The Tower reminds me of this quote from Yeats I just read : “in as nearly as possible the language we thought them in, as though in a letter to an intimate friend.” And again: “If I can be sincere and make my language natural, and without becoming discursive, like a novelist, and so indiscreet and prosaic, I shall, if good or bad luck make my life interesting, be a great poet; for it will no longer be a question of literature at all.”

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I omitted the first part:”We should write out our thoughts,”

    Any how, apparently it is Yeats’ birthday, and someone posted that comment. When I read your poem On Being Real, I thought of this quote.

    Again, your perseverance and talent are manifest, for several months, not just this month.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Well, Donna, two and a half months later, here’s a reply…(hey, some say that all time is relative anyway, right?)…

      Sorry for the delay, but thank you very much for your kind comments.

      I like the Yeats’ quote in reference to my poem “On Being Real.” I must admit that I don’t always achieve such a clear sighted, precise accuracy with my poetry, as I do tend, at times, to drift off into the world of yellow flowery language.

      There is, of course, a time and a place for everything. Sometimes it’s best to strike straight to the core and say exactly what is meant, while other times it can be quite fun to meander off the well worn path and play around with exotic words for awhile.

      Hope you are well. Cheers!

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you for the kind sentiments, B.H.I. I appreciate you stopping by and checking things out here at 17Numa. It’s been a fun and rewarding experience so far the first couple of years publishing. Much more hopefully lies ahead in 2016. Cheers!

      Liked by 1 person

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