Songs of Selah #157

It’s all cut from the same cloth, a blanket finely woven, a Jeweled Net of Indra, an enmeshment of synchronicity, a divine web of nature’s sublimity, a mandala of manifesting matrices, a concordance of congruent alignment, a balance between order and chaos, a clarion call, a karmic scale weighing out, a heart and a feather, a seat of the soul, an Eye of Horus, a pineal transformation, a transcendent alteration, an apotheosis, a revelation, a renaissance, a consciousness in bloom and bursting.

Thank you to Kathy Ellis for joining this week’s edition of Songs of Selah to talk about her new book, Wings from Roots. We also discussed the impact that traveling to over 40 countries has had on her writing and what it means to be a bridge engineer when it comes to the dynamics of social interactions and relationships.

Episode #157 can be listened to here on 17Numa Radio…

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