Imagine Thirsting

I was stoked to have received my contributor’s copy of Torrid Literature Journal recently. Thank you to Alice Saunders for including my poems “Imagine Thirsting” and “Student Section” in the latest volume released out of Florida.

Dance your cares away to the sounds of animated activation (if you happen to have any angst to begin with, that is; and, if not, well, in that case, jam even harder in simpatico fashion to the rhythms of high bliss that come your way).

The process is perpetual in its continuous motion, and our perception can be spot on, slightly askew, or completely off base – it’s up to each of us to remain alert and ever-vigilant in the pursuit of bringing mindfulness back into centered alignment upon the path of life as the circumstances around us swirl in a state of flux.

Small, steady steps, one at a time, with quantum leaps mixed into the equation at certain intervals of acceleration.

Hallelujah. La la la. Amen.

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